Review: GIFTED – Party With Purpose

Considering today’s lifestyle, everyone is busy in their own world. Sometimes, people who can afford thinks about doing something good for those in need. They want to do something more meaningful to celebrate their big day. But again, thought stays in their mind but they never get time to actually do it.


Review: BVS Solitaire Collection

Solitaire was the first game I ever played on my first windows laptop. It was a game that use to come by default with windows. I went all nuts about this game and use to play it for hours. Even now, if there is a day when I just want to kill time playing card games, Solitaire is always my first preference.



How to Tweet a YouTube Video on Twitter

With 100 million-plus active users, Twitter is the strongest social media platform at present. Its popularity makes it essential for social media marketers to promote their content on Twitter to reach as many people as they can. Due to which popular video hosting platforms like YouTube make it extremely easy for their users to share their video content on popular social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, etc without much hassle.



What is the Difference Between Windows and DOS?

One of the key components for a computer system is its Operating System. In the earlier era of computers, computing was really difficult. In the beginning, computers use to come with a black & white screen and one who was really aware of commands could only work on them. However, things have changed ever since Microsoft has launched windows. Now everyone has their own personal computer and everyone is able to use them with ease without knowing much about all the technical stuff.



How to Embed a Tweet Within a Blog Post or Website

One of the best things that happen when you embed tweets within a blog post or the website is that it increases engagement. How? Because when you embed a tweet within a blog, visitors can’t just only see it but they can also take action on it by liking, commenting or retweeting it right from your website.



4 Rules that Top Millionaires Follow to Stay Rich

Every individual intends to become a multi-millionaire and do everything they can to achieve it but not everyone becomes a millionaire. It’s not always about the hard work to earn money, instead, it takes a lot to modifications within the personality of an individual to be able to earn lots of money and make an impression on the world.



How to Set Up a Custom Domain for blogs On a Budget

It does not matter what blogging platform you’re using, a custom domain name is always better than a free domain name. The former comes with a slew of benefits that are not provided by the latter. But before exploring these benefits, let me first explain the critical difference between the two.



7 Eco Friendly Ways to Save Money

Many people love to stay organized in every aspect of their life to fine-tune their personal/professional life and responsibilities. But sometimes they forget to stay organized in one of the very important parts of life which is money-saving. Whether you are an adult or a millennial, money-saving is something that’s essential because that’s the only thing that supports the most during hard times.