10 Home Office Decor Tips to Maximize your Productivity


Home offices mostly turn out boring and full of clutter as most of the people just put a desk and chair facing the wall and start working. They keep on piling stuff on the table which makes the entire workplace look like trash.

This kind of setup will lead youย toย Distraction! Distraction! and a lot of Distraction!

Let’s say “NO” to distraction and “YES” to Increased Productivity.

Are you one of those, who are tired of an untidy workspace?

Are you searching for some inspiration for your home office decor?

Check out the tips below to help you keep your concentration on par while working, with these great home office decor ideas:

Tip: Examine your workspace and identify the gadgets or objects that you have installed around your desk that cause a major distraction to you. Make a list and clear them away before starting with the office decor.

Paint the walls with a refreshing colour scheme

The best part of working from home is that you have all the independence to decorate your workspace as you want to. And painting the walls in a colour tone that will keep you active is just the beginning of the perfect home office setup. You can choose light colour schemes of your choice to keep the workspace bright as darker colour schemes tend to drive the mood towards laziness.

However, if you have a special love for dark shades then don’t hesitate to splash your favourite colour in shapes or patterns on a light-coloured wall to highlight it.

Here are a couple of colour suggestions:

  • Mix Blue with white to give your workspace a relaxed look
  • If you love black, mix it with light grey colour to keep the colour tone light.
  • For light colour, tones opt for lavender, green, offwhite, pink, etc



A clean and highly organized workspace always helps in increased focus and productivity. Whereas, a messy workplace always cause distraction and ignorance to work. To stay on top of your deadlines and assignments, keeping your workspace clutter-free is crucial.

Tip: If you have a dedicated room for your home office, consider moving your desk to the centre of the room to avoid facing the boring wall. Desk, when placed in the centre of the room, make the area look more professional.


Add curtains

Adding curtains will solve double the purpose, first curtains will soften the entire look of your home office and second, you can creatively hide your ugly paperwork, old magazines, etc behind the curtains.

Enhance the atmosphere by adding good lightings

Focus on setting up your work desk in the area of your house where plenty of natural light crawls in. You can consider setting up near a window to take advantage of natural light as it brightens up space. Working near the window not only just enhances lighting but it helps you feel motivated and connected to the outside world as well while you are at production. Due to which chances of you feeling lazy or bored become less and chances of increased productivity turns higher.

If you also work during night hours, invest in good lamps for your desk that has a cool tone. Cool-toned lights help in boosting the mood up, increased focus and keeping your mind awake. Dim lights can make it extremely hard for your brain to focus, especially during night hours. Also, add modern or traditional white lights to the wall to add glamour.


Motivational board

To make your workspace look professional, focus on adding a motivational board in front of you. Organize it as per your choice by adding a quote to it that inspires you a lot, your vision, your to-do list or a printout of your action plan to achieve your goals.

Avoid papers

Major chunk that piles up on workstations are of papers. So, since we are aiming for going paperless globally to save trees, lets focus and try to avoid as much paperwork as we can and go digital as much as we can.


Get it Personalizedย 

The more you focus on personalizing your workspace, the better.

I am sure you don’t want to feel like you are sitting in someone else’s space. So whatever idea you choose to decorate your workspace, make sure it compliments your mood and style. Here I am listing a couple of ideas for you to choose from:

  • If you like listening to music while working, make sure to add a speaker so you can play music as per your preference.
  • Buy a desk that goes well with your height to help you maintain a good posture while working. (Maintaining a good posture is essential for your health, so don’t ignore this one!!) (Read: 20 Easy Healthy Ways To Stay Active At Work)
  • Buy an ergonomic chair to support your body at work.
  • If you usually sit for long hours at work, consider buying a leg riser to put it under the table. It will help you comfort your legs.
  • You can also add a very comfortable pouffe to your workspace which you can use to relax during your break time. (Avoid running to the living room or bedroom to relax during the break as it may distract your focus from work and make you less proficient)
  • If you like to decorate your workspace to make it look chic, you can consider adding shimmery or gold-toned workstation decorations.
  • Add some greenery – Buy a couple of good looking planters and plant indoor plants in them for a refreshing ambience around you.
  • Also, you can opt for a couple of wall hangings with abstract painting or just motivational text on them to energize the surrounding.
  • For a refreshing atmosphere, add a mild fragrance to the room to boost your energy.


Add wall shelves

Since we are discussing office here, we can’t ignore storage solutions to occupy all your files, stationery, paperwork, books, magazines, etc. The requirement of storage solutions varies from person to person and the kind of work they are involved in. If you are in a business that requires a lot of paperwork and your desk drawers and side cabinets and always overflowing with stuff. You should think about buying additional geometrical wall shelves. Wall shelves can beautifully occupy books, folders, and magazines or any stuff that you can showcase to make your corner look organized, neat, and professional.

Once you have stuff sorted on wall shelves, you can hide the ugly stuff like old files rough paperwork in the side cabinet or desk drawers.


Throw a rug on the floor

A good rug adds a class to the entire look. There is a huge variety of rugs available in the market or online shops. You can choose a plain light coloured textured rug or a printed rug with multiple colours as per your preference.


A jar of healthy refreshments

It’s hard to leave the desk when you are working on something urgent or you are lost into work. In such cases, you may ignore your hunger or health. Be prepared for such occasions by keeping a jar of refreshments handy at your desk. By doing so, you can avoid starvation while you are working on something deep and don’t want to move from your chair. In a refreshment jar, you can put mixed nuts, cookies, energy bars or any snack you can munch on. Along with that don’t forget to place a water bottle on your desk as well. Drinking water and keeping yourself hydrated is most important.


Enjoy experimenting with your home office. The more you will experiment, the more you will excel in the skill of the home office set up.

If you have tried one or more of the above tips, I would love to see the picture of your beautiful home office. To share it with me, you can simply add it to your Instagram story and tag me (@archikangupta) on that.

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Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lisa Sicard

Hi Achika, I love the tips in this one. I cleaned up my office space as I was doing a lot of zoom meetings since the pandemic hit. I’ve adding lightening and some hard cover eBooks to showcase on my desk as well as a branded coffee mug. These show in the background of my meetings. I need to add some greenery too.
Thanks for the tips on decorating our home offices as we spend more time than ever in them today. Stay well and have a great day.

Zoe Campos

Thanks for telling me that I should design my workstation according to my own mood and style. I’m thinking of having my own home office so I can earn for our family while looking after my kids. It might be a good idea to look for furniture and decor pieces first before I start seeking jobs online.

gold kitchen faucet

Nice post Archika. I wish I could get these kind of desk one day. That would be a game changer

Lycos ceramic

Thank you for sharing informative home office decor tips.keep it work.

rachel frampton

From my point of view, people who like to have a home office must invest in good office supplies that they may use in the long run. Well, aside from this, you are also right that it would be a great idea to mix earthy tone colors in her space. I’ll also keep in mind to tell her that adding a curtain will help soften the office’s atmosphere too.


Great post. Thanku so much for sharing this article. It was a great read. Office decorations and a good environment have a great impact on someone’s productivity. But sometimes coffee can also work better for productivity.

Joseph Martial

This article is a life saver. I am now working in my house due to this pandemic and this will definitely help me increase my productivity.