12 Awesome Tips To Make Your Video Rank Higher On YouTube


It’s not long ago when YouTube was first introduced in the online market. It was launched on 14 Feb 2005, or you can say on valentine’s day of the year 2005. Valentine’s Day is all about love and YouTube successfully made people fell in love with itself. This platform became stronger over the time and we still love it.

It’s the first name that comes to anyone’s mind when it comes to Video Marketing. Video Marketing is currently ranked as the best way to reach the potential audience quickly and effectively. Millions of viewers visit YouTube every month making it the second largest search engine after Google.

Not only it allows every individual to create their own channel and start reaching out to their audience, YouTube also proved to be a boon for small businesses where they don’t have to invest millions in just video marketing. They can create a good quality video, upload it to YouTube and enjoy increased business without investing a fortune.

Now that everyone can create and upload videos, it is very important to learn how to make those videos a Rockstar on YouTube. Below I am listing out few tips that can actually help you make your videos rank higher:

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1. Keywords


Keywords are the words that describe content of a video. Using right keywords is very important in video marketing. Using related keywords in Video Title and Description is the key to bring more viewers to the video.

2. Description

Video description box is the best place to enter great keywords. You should use this space wisely.

First, enter a short description of your video which should be concise, to the point and keywords friendly.
Second, always mention your website to redirect your YouTube viewers to your website to know more about your content.
Third, you can also use this space to enter your other social media URLs to gain followers.

3. Closed Caption (CC)

Using closed caption feature enables you to put text over the video, which helps viewers to understand what is being said in the video by the creator. To do so you can simply upload the transcript of video which YouTube will automatically sync with your voice. Text can also be translated into multiple languages, which is great in terms of reaching out to people from diverse backgrounds.

4. Thumbnail That Stands Out

Attractive visual always comes handy to grab the attention of viewers. So be very careful with the thumbnail of your video. As a bad thumbnail can repel your audience from watching your video because sometimes audience decides whether they are interested in watching the video just by looking at the thumbnail.

Do some research by looking at the similar videos and see what type of thumbnail is used on most watched videos. This will give you some idea of what to add as a thumbnail that’s eye-catching.

5. Tags & Categories

Adding your video to a relevant category is really a must. You will see an option to select a most relevant category for your video while uploading it. And Tagging it with the right words can help it getting identified from related categories.

For Example – If you are uploading a video related to Food Recipe. You can always tag it with words like Food, Recipe, Breakfast etc.

6. Highly Educational Video

Educational and How-to videos are the best type of videos and have the high rate of audience for it. People are looking to the solutions of their problems every day where you can come useful by giving them a video that is a solution to that problem.

The golden rule for making such videos is – Cut down the introduction part and wrapping up part to just a few seconds and use the major portion of the video in focusing on that problem and solution to it. No one has time to watch long videos, everyone wants a solution to their problems real quick. So, a to-the-point video is what people are interested in.

7. Engage Your Audience

Bringing an audience might be easy, but having an audience that actually visits you back for more is definitely not a piece of cake. Having an engaged audience is more than necessary for your ranking. To engage your audience, always ask them to Like, comment and subscribe! Along with that, be very active in responding to comments that come to your video. Ask questions to your audience reply to their comments and if your audience is requesting you to create a video on a certain topic, do create that video. It will help your viewers to gain trust in your brand.

8. Title

Title of the video should be concise yet descriptive. You should be able to explain the purpose of your video just by the Title.

9. Make It To-The-Point

Videos should be short and descriptive. To win the audience you should create videos that are informative, to-the-point and answer the problem quickly without wasting the time of viewers. Never focus on long introductions, people may get bored and close the video. Viewers will always give you a thumb up if you will be able to solve the purpose without wasting their time.

10. Sharing

The golden rule of making your video rank higher is sharing, sharing and sharing!

Don’t feel shy about sharing your video in first place. Go ahead and share it on all your social media pages, and everywhere else you possibly can. Ask your viewers to share it. Sharing is the key to gain an audience in bulk.

11. Create your own channel

Creating a channel to promote a brand, business or even yourself assures your audience that they can always come back to a place to watch more of your content. Use a channel page to represent your brand or business effectively to let your audience know what your page is all about.

12. Make Quality Videos

Sharing informative and good quality videos on a frequent basis helps to build an audience, trust and rank of your channel.

Wrapping Up!

Creating YouTube videos is easy but what takes actual effort is reaching out to the right audience in less time. It takes a lot to stand out on a platform where thousands of videos are being uploaded every day, but these 12 important tips that I shared with you can help you boost the ranking of your video, subscribers to your channel and the overall reputation of your channel on YouTube.

Let me know in the comments if this blog helped you in any way!

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