12 Creative Ways to Reward Your Employees Without Spending a Fortune


Employees are an essential part of a company, who works hard every day to get the company running. So rewarding employees in one or the other way always play as a motivational factor to them. Not only it motivates but rewarding employees with something extra always helps them feel connected to the company.

Happy employees always work efficiently and do their best to be the most productive part of the organization. So here I am listing 12 creative ways that you can follow to make your employees happy by rewarding them for their work.


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Lunch with Top Level Executives like CEO, Directors & Founders


Usually, employees don’t get to interact with Top Level Management. Most of their interaction happens to be with their team leader or manager. So employees would love to get a chance to have lunch with top-level management as with this opportunity they get a chance to interact with them over lunch about their experience, ideas or thoughts about their work process.

This idea not only boosts the morale of employees but sharing lunch with the boss sometimes motivates them too.


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A Personalized Thank You Note


Write a thank-you note to your employee as a token of appreciation for extra efforts that he/she applied to get the given assignment done beyond expectations. Sometimes personalized recognition weighs more than monitory benefits in terms of creating a bond between employees & organization.


Small Token of Appreciation

If your employees travelled an extra mile to get the project done on time and left no stone unturned to deliver it with excellence, do not hesitate to appreciate them with a small gift like a gift card, chocolate, music event tickets, movie tickets or maybe simply a Handwritten appreciation card left on their desk.

These small gestures fill employees with a lot of enthusiasm and motivate them to always keep up with the good work.


A Day off

An employee would love to receive an extra day off and that to be paid. On top of it, it will be awesome if the employee gets to choose the day to enjoy that day off. Trust me by providing this additional benefit as a token of appreciation, the employee will feel motivated to stay productive at work.


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An Employee of the Month

Start a tradition in your company to award 1 employee each month with the title “Employee of the Month”. Getting recognition for work among all team members always works better for employees than any other expensive benefits.

To do so, maybe you can buy a trophy and keep rotating it every month from 1 best employee of the month to another. To add more fun to it, you can finally give that trophy at the end of the year to 1 employee to keep, whoever has received it the maximum times.


Offer Movie Tickets

Employees getting to watch a movie during their work hours and that to be for free. How cool is that?

Buy some movie tickets and give them to your employees whom you want to reward for their work. Allow them to watch that movie during work hours. It will not only help you build a bond with your employees but it will help you motivate other employees as well. As employees who didn’t get to see the movie will feel like performing in a more efficient way in order to avail such a token of appreciation in the future.




Who on this earth doesn’t want to receive a surprise bouquet of fresh flowers? A bouquet always brings a smile to the face of the person who receives it. Especially if the bouquet is coming right from the boss with a Handwritten thank you note glued to it.


Family Day

Celebrate a family day and allow your employees to bring 1 of their family members to work and give a tour of their workplace to them. It will help employees to connect with the organization in a more effective and emotional way.


Celebrate their Personal Achievements

Appreciating your employees for something they achieved in their personal life out of office is also a good way to show your employees that the organization they work with really cares for them. You can celebrate their achievement by decorating their desks with balloons & ribbons or maybe give your employee a big round of applause among all teammates.


Coffee Day


Celebrate a coffee day where employees will get to enjoy a cup of coffee with their boss and make sure not to discuss business at coffee. You can talk about anything like having everyone sharing their dreams, experiences or anything and everything that you want to talk about except business. It will motivate employees and make them feel refreshing for a while.


Gift Them a Redeemable Cash Coupon

What else can be best to motivate employees other than a cash coupon?

Cash always works as the best motivational factor for employees. So, grab your chance to gift a cash coupon to one or more employees you want to appreciate their hard work.


Personalized Coffee Mugs

Get some limited edition mugs printed. Gift them to your best working employees for being efficient at work. You can add more personal touch to mugs by adding receiving person name, designation, project name or maybe a Thank you message along with company logo.


I hope you like the idea of rewarding your employees. If so, please let me know in the comments below if you have got any other idea on your list or if you implement any of the above.

Stay Tuned!


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