15 Day Productivity Challenge for Quarantine / Lockdown


Last month was crazy with all the news flooding in for coronavirus attacks and still counting. Things are going worse, cured cases are now diagnosed with corona positive again. Scientists and Doctors are doing there best to keep us safe. I hope you are sticking yourself at home to stay safe. Let’s hope to get through this soon.


Its been a month and people are feeling sick of staying at home. But hey, we need to get the motivation going so we all can fight this situation together. So here I bring you a 15 day productivity challenge to boost your motivation a little bit.

I understand that you are getting plenty of me-time during quarantine and you are trying to stay positive.


But are you taking full advantage of your time?


Are you staying productive?


Do you know you can stay productive in one or the other ways during a lockdown? There are things you can do now for which you couldn’t get any time earlier while you were working full time.




You can do this!


Are you ready?

Day 1 – Declutter Your Email


Let’s start this Productivity challenge with email sorting. Every one of us keeps on subscribing to many promotions frequently but we don’t check all of them all the time. So for today’s challenge go to your email and unsubscribe yourself from all the unnecessary promotions that no longer entertains you.


Day 2 – Call Someone You Care


This challenge is all about rebounding. So pick up your phone and call that person you care but couldn’t speak with for a long time. It can be anyone an old friend, or family or a teacher. I am sure you will feel good.

Day 3 – Watch Standup Comedy


You must have heard that Laughter is the best medicine!

So take a dose of laughter today to lower the stress levels occurring due to Corona pandemic. Indulge yourself into standup comedies on YouTube today and laugh like no one’s watching. 🙂

Also, if you find a really good one that is worth sharing do share it with us in the comments below so others can enjoy that too.

Day 4 – Clean your Computer / Laptop / Phone


In today’s challenge, be a cleaning ninja and make your gadgets shine again.

Almost all of you use your Computer, Laptop, Phones every day but there’s 1 thing in common that most people forget, is to clean these gadgets. Less cleaning means more dusty keyboard and more germs. So go off-screen for some time and do the cleaning!

Day 5 –  Click a selfie


Who doesn’t love clicking selfies?

So In today’s challenge, do what you love and click some awesome selfies and grab some attention by sharing those on social media. 🙂

Day 6 – Host a Photo Party


How to host a photo party?

1. Create a folder on any cloud storage of your choice. (Google drive / dropbox / One drive)

2. Invite friends or family whoever you want to have party, with.

3. Ask all the invited people to add old photos in that folder you created.

4. Everyone can now enjoy and relive those old memories with each other.

Enjoy now and Thank me later! 😍

Day 7 – Download Aarogya Setu App


An initiative from the Indian government to let you know the status of Corona patients near you. This app is being updated frequently with the latest info.

Download it today!

Day 8 – Declutter your phone


Go through your phone and delete unnecessary photos and videos to clear up some space on your phone.

Day 9 – Take Online Personality Test


There are plenty of free personality tests available online, find one and take it. Will be fun! 🙂

Day 10 – Music


What else can be more refreshing than the tunes of favourite music?

Go to your preferred music app and tune yourself into your favourite playlist. Sing along to forget the stress for a while.

Day 11 – Learn a New Skill


Now that you are in lockdown and have some time to invest in yourself, you can utilize this time to learn that skill you always wanted to learn but never got time. There are plenty of online courses available online for a vast range of skills. Find yours and enrol yourself into it.

Day 12 – Send an e-Card to Someone You Care


If you are living away from your loved one during lockdown then take some time out today, to let that special person know how you feel about them by sending an ecard. It might be your friend, parents, children or love of your life.

Spread the love! 💌💟

Day 13 – Watch Inspiring TED Talk Videos on YouTube


Ted Talk Videos are full of inspiration as this is the platform where world-leading doers and thinkers talk about their life, journey, achievements and struggles.

So keep yourself motivated by watching a couple of videos and get inspired to aim for the best in life.

Day 14 – Declutter your social media accounts


Day 15 – Revisit your career goals and make an action plan!



1. Post it to your insta story and share your thoughts.
2. Tag me @archikangupta on your story
3. Tag your friends if you want to invite them to do this challenge with you
4. Use hashtag #15daylockdownchallenge #challengeaccepted

If you like it, spread the word and inspire your friends to participate in this challenge.

Stay safe! Stay home!

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Philip Verghese Ariel

Hi Archika,
It is indeed a great joy to land here via twitter.
Though the lockdown period partially shifted, still these 15 Day Productivity Challenge is worth following for our good! 🙂
Though I am following some on a regular basis, many I have to think about it seriously, Though some may be so simple but so valuable to do for our benefit. You very well presented these challenges with eye-capturing images.
Keep sharing
All the best
~ Philip