15 Easy Tips to Clean Your Social Media Pages


Keeping social media pages up to date is really important. These pages need attention on a regular interval of time for the cleaning like a garage of your house. Deep cleaning done once in a quarter will keep your pages shine bright like a diamond. So put on your virtual gloves and go ahead. Below are a few ways that can help you clean your pages like a pro:

  1. Check if your business info is correctly updated on all the pages you manage. (Includes – working hours, contact info, address details)
  2. Update Bio/Description of your pages – Try including popular keywords related to your business or hashtags in your bio.
  3. Update a new good quality cover image on all pages. On Facebook, you can add short cover video instead of a cover photo.
  4. Update a high-quality profile picture on all pages.
  5. Check and update website URL on all pages.
  6. Take a look at the groups or communities you are following on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+. Leave unnecessary groups.
  7. Display your business logo on all pages.
  8. Check privacy settings and app permissions on all pages. Revoke access to apps that are no longer relevant.
  9. Unfollow/Mute people or businesses whose content is no longer relevant to you.
  10. Change your passwords and keep a note of them somewhere. It is always good to change passwords once every 6 months.
  11. Highlight your brand, products or services on all pages.
  12. Do a reality check – Check out what your competitors are doing to gain attention and where you can improve then restrategize your content accordingly.
  13. Check and study your analytics to know what your audience is enjoying so you can focus on including such content in your social media marketing strategy to retain your audience for a longer run.
  14. Remove subscribers from your newsletter list that are no longer reading your emails.
  15. Utilize the story section of social sites to grow your audience. Don’t forget to tag your profile on stories.

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