20 Easy Healthy Ways to Stay Active at Work


We often find ourselves in a situation where one or the other part of the body is aching after long sitting hours at work. Work deadlines and too much work often win over health and we neglect to take care of our body while we are working hard to succeed in our career. But such routine always attracts health issues.

So, to keep those health problems far away from you start indulging yourself into some healthy habits from today.

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There are few easy tricks that you can adapt them in your daily life to stay healthy and active at work and the best part of these tips is you don’t need an extra hour to add them to your daily routine. You can totally enjoy these tricks while focusing on your work with all the dedication.

So, here I am listing 20 ways to stay healthy & active at work. Start with any 1  or 2 tricks at first, get habitual to them and then come back to try some more.


  • Prefer standing, while having meetings.


  • If you work in one of the upper floors of a very tall building, consider using the elevator only for few floors and then take the staircase to cover the rest.


  • Consider doing easy exercises that can be done while sitting on a chair to stretch your arms and muscles every 2 hours, especially if you have a sitting job or if you work for long hours on your desk.


  • Do something active after office – Play an outdoor game, hit the gym or maybe the pool.


  • Keep a pack of mixed nuts or dry fruits handy to fulfil your snack cravings at work.


  • If you use a smartphone, try installing a fitness app that can keep track of the number of footsteps taken by you every day. Set a goal of 10,000 steps per day and stay motivated to maintain it.


  • Don’t forget to blink your eyes while working on the computer.


  • Close your eyes for a few seconds once in every hour, if you work on the computer.


  • Walk for a few minutes, once every hour.


  • While going to the washroom, skip using the washroom that’s on your floor. Instead, take the staircase and go to one floor above or below.


  • While having a conversation on the phone, get up and walk around.


  • Have a decent walk with colleagues during lunch break, and of course, you can do a little chit-chat while walking. It will improve your bond with your colleagues as well as it will make your body happy.



  • Prefer bringing homemade healthy meals to work.


  • Drink at least 2 litres of water every day.


  • Focus on setting up an ergonomic workspace for yourself by positioning your computer screen, keyboard to the right height and by choosing right furniture.


  • Limit yourself from doing too much overtime at work.


  • Keep changing your posture frequently while sitting at your desk.


  • Remember you are not a robot. Don’t keep working constantly for many hours in a row without taking a break! Take a deep Breath! Relax!


  • Ditch coffee, drink herbal tea!


  • Sleep at least 7 hrs every day.


These tips work for me and I hope these will work for you as well. Do let me know in the comments below if you’ve got any great tip related to this issue and I will feature it on my blog.




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Thank you so much for sharing some amazing healthy ways to stay active during office hours. It is quite tough for me, to stay active, and feel productive the whole day. I used to drink tea/coffee to feel productive. Keep sharing some more hacks.