3 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Windows PC

3 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Windows PC

The new year has started, and everyone is all stocked up with a new list of goals to achieve this year.

But Wait!

Have you included cleaning up your computer in your bucket list yet?


Please add it right away!

Your computer needs to breathe too to perform tasks quickly. It is your responsibility to clean up your system from time to time to let it perform as per your expectations.

There can be several reasons that can affect your system speed badly. However, with a little frequent cleaning up Its performance can be maintained.

The reasons for the daily slowdown of your computer can vary from no disk space, outdated applications, overloaded storage of caches/cookies, a folder full of temp files to an overpopulated windows task manager.

Whatever the reason is for your systems messed up speed, I am sure these three tips that I am going to share below will certainly help you to improve your computer’s speed.

So, without further ado let’s take a look at how you can declutter your windows 10 PC to keep it running efficiently:

Clean Up Downloads Folder

Internet is full of resources and you happen to download a variety of files on a regular basis. Whether it is a work file, a video, or even a cute picture that you just found online, everything you download goes straight to the downloads folder.

An unattended downloads folder keeps storing files for you that are often forgotten after the download. Such a pile of unwanted files is like gathering dust, which is bad. These files not only consume the storage of your computer but also slows it down.

Regular cleaning of downloads folder is essential to prevent your Microsoft windows computer from daily slow down. So, go ahead and add the cleaning up of your downloads folder to your monthly To-Do List.

If you are unsure of how to clean it, here’s the step-by-step method for you along with a video tutorial:

  1. Go to File Explorer
  2. On the left side menu, you will find the Downloads option under Quick Access or This PC
  3. Clicking on the downloads option will prompt you to the downloads folder
  4. Select all the unwanted files that are of no use to you. Press shift + delete key and hit enter to delete the files.
  5. The remaining bunch of useful files can be moved to other storage drives

Clean up Windows Task Manager

Does your computer take too long to start?

It is annoying to wait for several minutes for the computer to start. Right?

Sometimes the most annoying problems of the computer can be solved with a little tweak.

Your PC might be running slow because of multiple enabled programs added to the windows task manager. Windows loads all the programs that are added to the task manager while getting started which causes a delay.

So, in this case, the little tweak you need to make is to clean up your task manager by disabling all the programs that you think are not necessary.

Here is how you can clean up your Windows Task Manager:

  1. Right-click on Task Manager Bar
  2. Select Task Manager. It will prompt you to a pop-up window.
  3. You will notice multiple tabs on the pop-up. Select Startup.
  4. Look at the list of programs and disable those that you do not want your windows to load every time it starts. To do so right-click on any program and select Disable.
  5. Repeat for other programs until you are left with only important enabled programs

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Clean Up Recycle Bin

recycle bin

To yield good performance of your computer you need to spend some time cleaning it up. And cleaning up recycle bin is another task on the list that needs to be done once a week.

Recycle bin stores all the discarded files and emptying recycle bin frequently is always a good plan to speed up your computer. If you are thinking about why windows store discarded files in a bin when these were already discarded by you. Well, it is a smart way provided by Microsoft windows to let you recover the files easily just in case you accidentally deleted them.

Sometimes this folder proves to be a lifesaver when someone deletes a particularly important file by mistake.

Now let me walk you through the step-by-step process of how to clean up recycle bin:

  1. Go to your desktop, double click on Recycle Bin (If you do not know about Recycle bin, try to locate an icon that looks like a white bin on your desktop)
  2. Upon clicking, you will be redirected to Recycle bin folder.
  3. Select all files by pressing CTRL + A, then press Shift + Delete to permanently delete all the files, hit Enter
  4. Or if you notice a file in recycle bin folder that you want to restore, just double click on the file, and click on the Restore button on the pop-up.

Now that I have introduced three easy ways to clean up your system for better performance, please make sure to follow these steps at least once a month.

Sure there are other ways to boost computer speed and I will try to list those in my future blog.

Still, looking to boost your computer’s speed some more? Try deleting your temp files and uninstalling unused programs for better results.

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By Archika N. Gupta, Director, Opulent Techpro Pvt Ltd, opulent-techpro.com

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