30 Keyboard Shortcuts to Create Symbols


We often find ourselves in a situation where we want to type special symbols like trademark symbol, copyright symbol in our content while typing something but feel extremely annoyed when we can’t find them on a keyboard. There is a list of special symbols that are not available on the keyboard which leads us spending time on finding those symbols among insertion tools.


So, below I am listing shortcut keys to few special symbols which are really a time saver, so whenever you need to type them you can go ahead, press few keys and you are done.


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Awesome! Isn’t it?


Here we go:


To enter Trademark (™) Symbol: Alt + 0153

To enter Copyright (©) Symbol: Alt + 0169

To enter Registered Trademark (®) Symbol: Alt + 0174

To enter Degree (°) Symbol: Alt + 0176

To enter Plus or Minus (±) Symbol: Alt + 0177

To enter Paragraph Mark (¶) Symbol: Alt + 0182

To enter Fraction Three-Fourth (¾) Symbol: Alt + 0190

To enter Multiplication (×) Symbol: Alt + 0215

To enter Cent (¢) Symbol: Alt + 0162

To enter Upside Down Exclamation (¡) Symbol: Alt + 0161

To enter Upside Down Question Mark (¿) Symbol: Alt + 0191

To enter Smiley Face (☺) Symbol: Alt + 1

To enter Black Smiley Face (☻) Symbol: Alt + 2

To enter Sun (☼) Symbol: Alt + 15

To enter Female (♀) Symbol: Alt + 12

To enter Male (♂) Symbol: Alt + 11

To enter Spade (♠) Symbol: Alt + 6

To enter Club (♣) Symbol: Alt + 5

To enter Heart (♥) Symbol: Alt + 3

To enter Diamond (♦) Symbol: Alt + 4

To enter Eighth Note (♪) Symbol: Alt + 13

To enter Beamed Eighth Note (♫) Symbol: Alt + 14

To enter Up Arrow (↑) Symbol: Alt + 24

To enter Down Arrow (↓) Symbol: Alt + 25

To enter Right Arrow (→) Symbol: Alt + 26

To enter Left Arrow (←) Symbol: Alt + 27

To enter Up Down Arrow (↕) Symbol: Alt + 18

To enter Left Right Arrow (↔) Symbol: Alt + 29

To enter Euro Currency (€) Symbol: Alt + 0128

To enter Three Dots Continuation (…) Symbol: Alt + 0133


Hope you find these shortcut keys helpful.

Make sure to check back in! ☺




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Kadhja Bonet

Your article on “Article details” is making a lot of sense.
Thanks a lot!