30 Ways To Practise Self-Care

Self Care

Every day we are just running behind our goals, careers and schedules to stay ahead in this competitive world.

But being part of this fast life, we sometimes forget to nourish ourselves with a little bit of happiness. And trust me, we humans can find happiness in tiny little things or gestures.

For example – Do a good deed in the morning, it will make you feel good about yourself the entire day.


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We just need to take a step forward towards self-care because it’s a necessity to stay happy and positive to succeed in other areas of life.

Are you feeling motivated yet?


Here I bring you a list of 30 ideas that can help you feel good and get relaxed. Follow 1 idea a day for a month, notice how you feel about it and repeat the best ones that gave you the most inner happiness.

Get Set Go!

1. Go shopping

2. Get a massage
3. Take a long bath
4. Watch your favourite movie
5. Enjoy lunch with BFF’s
6. Enjoy spa
7. Get facial
8. Get mani/Pedi
9. Take hair spa
10. Enjoy a hot cup of tea/coffee

Self Care

11. Call someone you care
12. Listen to happy music and dance

Self Care

13. Watch your favourite TV Show
14. Take rest, Do nothing!
15. Put on your favourite dress and go out
16. Organize your closet
17. Write down your thoughts
18. Gift yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers

19. Plan a weekend getaway

Self Care

20. Play your favourite indoor/outdoor game
21. Take Nap

Self Care

22. Turn off your phone and computer for the entire day
23. Donate something to needy
24. Read a book
25. Go for a walk

Self Care

26. Try some DIY
27. Bake something

28. Go out and enjoy nature

Self Care

29. Try a new recipe
30. Go to bed early

Self Care


Self Care

Please do share your experience with this list in the comments.

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