4 Proven Tips To Write A Blockbuster Blog Post in 2021

4 Proven Tips To Write A Blockbuster Blog Post In 2021

Are you still looking for some motivation to starting a blog and post your first blog with perfection?

If you know what you are going to write about and you are an expert on that topic then look no more, just follow the below tips and get yourself started.

Blogging not only improves your own knowledge base but it also encourages you to establish yourself as a brand, become an expert of a niche, build your own fan club, and amplify sales.

Trust me no blogger has expertise on all the topics they post on their blogs, it’s just they research about it and write their own version of it.

Now you must be wondering about what adds power to a blog that leads to generating sales. And let me tell you there’s no rocket science behind it, you just need to focus on a couple of things and you can do it too in no time.

I am sure you have already spent hours researching how to blog effectively, so don’t waste any more hours.

Get yourself into action and Let me show you exactly how you can write a blog post that converts in just four easy steps:

(Want to explore ideas about how to get yourself started as a new blogger? Check out my Bucket List for New Bloggers)

4 Tips To Write A Blog That Converts

1. Examine your topic carefully

One and the only reason behind writing a blog post should be your audience. Before jumping into blog writing, the first thing you should examine is what interests your audience the best. Try to find a problem that your targeted audience must be looking for so you can grab their attention by providing them with the ultimate solution to that problem.

Nobody reads an entire blog post, no matter how popular the website they are browsing until and unless they are curious about something. So, it is important to come up with an authentic blog title that explains what your blog is all about.

Not only a good blog title will drive traffic to your website, but it also generates sales if you have a product/services page on your website to sell.

Speaking of which, 90% of the businesses swear that most of the traffic that is driven to their business websites comes through their blogs.

1.1) Audience

It’s always a good habit for you to develop as a blogger to study your audience first to be able to offer better info through your blogs. And this is something you should do the first thing while exploring the blog topic. The ultimate goal of your blog post is to grab the quick attention of your readers so write about something that the audience must be interested in.

It doesn’t require any crucial skill to figure that out. If you know your niche and the kind of audience you are targeting, it will only take some research for you to figure out what will work.

For Example:

If you are a fashion blogger then your blog posts should revolve around fashion, to engage the audience with similar interest.

You cannot just write about how to file an annual tax return just because you know how to do it.

1.2 Curate ideas

To make this entire process of figuring the right blog post idea easier for you, it is best to build a bank of ideas first. Remember not all the posts perform well or equal but while curating ideas just ask yourself if you or your audience would love to read about it.

You can use my free Hashtags & Keywords – Blog Post Idea Bank Google spreadsheet template to curate your ideas.

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P.S. – This template has a unique sheet for all niches, so feel free to use the same, to list out your ideas. Anyone with access can edit the sheet.

This way we can build a huge bank of ideas to help each other.

1.3 Finalize Topic

The final step in examining the blog post topic is to decide on one topic from the idea bank. The whole process of deciding is quite easy to carry out.

All you need to do is to look at all the ideas you have listed and ask yourself the below questions for each listed topic idea:

Will it be a relevant topic for my audience?

Will this blog post compel my audience to read it?

Is it trending?

Will I be comfortable writing about this blog?

Is this a topic related to my niche?

Will I be able to provide sufficient info related to this topic?

After running through the questions, choose the topic that weighs more in maximum criteria.

2. Write the post

Now that you have finalized the topic, the next important step in the process of writing an effective blog post that converts is writing it.

Do you think writing a nice blog is scary?

Well, NOT if done with good research and the right approach!

You need to trust yourself and stay confident. Because if you will display a lack of confidence in your writing then your readers will not take you seriously. However, on the other hand, if you will write a confident and informative article, your readers will consider you as an expert and would want to come back for more.

Feeling confident?

Now let me walk you through it!

To start with the writing process, figure out what kind of blog post you are going to write. Some of the famous types of blog posts are

How-to Post

List Post

Round-up Post

Infographic Post

Collection Based Post

Guest Post

2.1 Outline blog post

Once you decide on the type of blog post that you are going to write, indulge yourself in laying the format of your blog post.

The basic blog structure consists of an opening introduction, several subheadings followed by a conclusion, or wrap-up text.

Start doing some research about the topic online that you are willing to write about. Collect a few points and get some inspiration based on how others are sharing similar info on their blog sites with their readers. After the research, go through your notes and try to narrow down the points that you can use in your article.

This way you will be able to add more value to it for your readers.

4 Proven Tips To Write A Blockbuster Blog Post In 2021 image

2.2 Get creative with the headlines

Setting the headings right is the only way to grab the reader’s attention. Get your research done and find out what kind of headings work and the ones that fail and try to come up with compelling headlines and subheadings.

Some of the effective types of headlines that work the best are:

How-to Headings

Example: How to choose an amazing blog name

How to Create an Action in Photoshop CS5.1 to Convert a Batch of PNG Images into JPG

List Post Headings

Example: 5 Ways to Retain Top Performers

8 Technology Hacks to Take Your Business to Next Level

The Ultimate Guide Headings

Example: The Ultimate Guide To Work From Home


For more heading ideas download my ebook 108 Blog Post Ideas for all niches To Boost Engagement for free from my free resources library. In this book, I have curated the 108 most popular heading ideas for all major niches. To receive access to the freebie library, please fill the form below & check your email.


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2.3 Introduction

Doing the opening paragraph right is mandatory to tempt readers. You can not afford to go wrong with it!

So, let’s take a look at a few tips you can use to write a luring introduction.

Tip 1 – Open your paragraph with a question


Do you wanna travel the world without spending your own money?


Are you looking for easy ways to make money?

Such openings get hold of the reader right from the beginning

Tip 2 – Make it concise

It’s annoying for readers to read long openings. So, try to keep it short and concise.

The more to the point, the better!

The less cheesy, the better!

Tip 3 – Say no to long paragraphs

Do not wrap the entire opening content into one long paragraph. Try to break it into several paragraphs instead! 2-4 sentences per paragraph are just fine.

2.4 Make it Unique and engaging

I know you must have read it a thousand times, but I am going to repeat this the uniqueness of your content matters the most. Do not try to copy other blogger’s styles.

There is no harm in taking some inspiration from other successful bloggers though!

But try to come up with your own style of writing by making your posts unique and engaging. Your fan base will build based on your knowledge as well as your unique style of sharing it.

So, stand out instead of being part of the crowd.

Write your article so effectively that your readers feel bounded to read the entire article. And there is only one way to make that happen, provide as much information as you can in your blog and deliver exactly what you promised in the blog headline.

Try to build a relationship with your readers by adding yourself and by prompting their emotions right through your blog. You are anonymous to them until you start opening up yourself to your readers through your blog. That is where trust develops!

Nourish it! And Flourish it!

2.5 Add Call-to-action

Now, this is the part of a blog where conversion happens.

SO, being creative with CTA is essential at this part especially if you are trying to sell something.

You have already delivered your knowledge and advertised your skill through your blog. Now it is the time for converting that into the business.

To do so, try to write several versions of CTA in your own unique style, then choose the best one to add to your blog.

To be honest, a good CTA does not guarantee that you are going to convert 100% of your readers but it surely increases the possibility of conversion.

If your readers are hugely impressed with the information you shared through your article with them, this is where they show their loyalty by buying what you are selling.

Tip: Since CTA’s are a powerful tool to drive more sales doesn’t mean that you over clutter your post with multiple CTA’s to scare your readers away

2.6 Proofread


The last step on the checklist under writing the blog post is Proofreading.

Proofreading your content is as important as writing the blog itself. Because no matter how informative your content is, if it is grammatically incorrect your readers will not be able to take you seriously.

Being a Blogger, retaining your readers should be your top priority. So just try to woo them with the quality of your article to retain their interest.

while proofreading your content make sure to check for spellings, grammatical errors, typos, and sentence formations.

To help you with double-checking your content, I would highly recommend these two tools:


Hemingway App

3. SEO

Now that you have written a perfect blog with a great possibility of driving an audience. It’s time to SEO optimize your content.

Writing a perfect blog isn’t gonna help if nobody is landing on your website to read it. So you need to work on two goals here. First to grab the attention of people with your blogs so they can find your content and read it.

Second, to woo those readers with your knowledge and skill base. Once they believe in you, it will help you convert your readers into your business clients.

To achieve both goals you need to drive lots of traffic to your blogs and SEO is that magic tool to help you drive that kind of traffic.

Don’t worry if you are not an SEO expert. Following a few tactics, you can do it quite easily. So here I am listing a couple of points for you to let you win your SEO game:

a) Make note of a few focus areas of your blog post that you think your target audience might be searching for and carry out the keyword research based on the same. Google Keyword Planner is a great tool to use for effective keyword research.

If you’re not sure of how to use that, just go to Google keyword planner > discover keywords, put your queries in the search box separated by a comma, and hit enter. Your results should look something like this:

4 Proven Tips To Write A Blockbuster Blog Post In 2021 image

b) Make sure to add your main keyword to the blog post title as well as throughout the blog post content. But do not just stuff the keyword in the entire blog post just for the sake of adding it, instead read the natural flow of the blog post and add the keyword where it fits naturally.

c) Link parts of your articles to other websites to offer more amazing info to your audience. Doing so not only makes your content more valuable but it also increases the possibility of others linking back to your website. It is a win-win!

d) Add a well-formatted meta description

e) Prefer to write an entire blog in short sentences. The shorter the better! Similarly, break your paragraphs into smaller ones. 2-3 sentences per paragraph are recommended.

f) Try to write your blogs between 2000 to 2500 words long. Long articles perform well on the internet than shorter ones.

g) Format your blog URL nicely and add your primary keyword to it.

Bad URL Examplewww.example.com/link1?id=735203832edit=1

Good URL Example – https://hashtagsandkeywords.com/faqs-things-you-need-to-know-before-starting-a-blog/

h) Use H1, H2 tags properly and in a nested way.

4 Proven Tips To Write A Blockbuster Blog Post In 2021 image

4. Graphics

No one loves to read the boring black and white text which generates the need for bloggers to make their blogs as appealing as possible.

You need to show them that you are going above and beyond to make your content looks attractive yet informative in all possible ways.

To attain that, adding visually attractive graphics to your blog is quite essential to make it look like you are telling a story that is going to be interesting.

Imagine kid’s storybooks for a moment!

Looks appealing, Right?

Do you know why?

Because storybooks illustrate the story through beautiful graphics.

Well, we adults are no different than kids in that matter. We also need to satisfy our eyeballs with visually attractive content.

To prove that, research suggests that 80% of marketing professionals market their business on social media using graphics.

You must have heard somewhere that “Action speaks louder than words”.

And pictures speak even louder!

Did you know that the human brain is capable of processing an image in just 13ms which is 60,000 times faster than text?

Since visual marketing ranks on top among several marketing strategies for top marketing professionals. You should think about it and try to up your blogging game by adding good visuals to your blog.

There are several types of graphics that you can add to your blogs

Blog banner



Graphs to represent statistics


The number of graphics that you should add to your blog?

It’s good to use a graphic after every 300 – 400 words to keep the interest of your readers throughout. However, you should avoid adding any random image just because it is recommended.

Find some good stock images that are relevant to your blog topic or design the images yourself that represent it the best. Relevant images help the audience to understand the concept in a better way.

Stock Image Websites

Some of the websites where you can find good stock photos are:






Graphic creation tools

You know what, you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer in order to design graphics these days.

There are plenty of online tools available online with an amazingly easy-to-use interface, to make the process of designing graphics easy for everyone.

I personally use canva a lot. To be honest I use canva almost for everything. It is my go-to graphic designing tool for a long time now.

Earlier I was paying a fortune to graphic designers to design professional banners and other graphics for me. But not anymore!

Some of the good tools for you to use are:






Now that you know what to do to write a powerful blog that converts, try to be as inspiring as you can!

I hope this blog answered so many of your queries! However, if you still have more doubts, concerns, or questions in your mind related to writing a blog let me know. You can either drop your question in the comments section below or email me at info@hashtagsandkeywords.com.

Or if you are a blogger but too busy to take time out to write blogs for your website, let me know. I will get that covered for you at pocket-friendly prices. Send your content writing inquiries at info@hashtagsandkeywords.com.

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