42 Poll Question Ideas To Increase Social Media Engagement

Audience Engagement is one of the biggest concern for every blogger. If you are a blogger, I am sure you can relate yourself here. So, in this blog post, I have curated a list of 42 poll questions for you. You can share these questions on your social media and I am sure you will see a great deal of difference in your engagement analytics.

Asking sensible poll questions will not only increase engagement but also make bloggers feel connected to their audience in a better way.


So, what are you waiting for?


Copy any question from below list on your feed and enjoy increased audience responses! (You can edit questions as per your preference and audience type)


Here’s the list:

This or That Questions


1. Dog Lover or Cat Lover?

2. Pizza or Pasta?

3. Sporty or Lazy?

4. Introvert or Extrovert?

5. Air BNB or Hotel?

6. Eat to Live or Live to Eat?

7. Facebook or Instagram?

8. Phone or Laptop?

9. Long Walk or Long Drive?

10. Popcorns or Wafers?


Tip: Reveal the results after the quiz is over! (Answering audience is always excited to know the results of the quiz they have participated in)

Funny Poll Questions


1. If there is something that has to be named after you, what would it be

a) A piece of Furniture

b) A Bar

c) A Gadget

d) A Place

e) Other (Name it)


2. Have you ever…

a) Travelled without buying a ticket

b) Peed in a swimming Pool

c) Bunked your school

d) Missed your Train / Flight


3. Name one quality of yours, for which you deserve a medal?

4. If you were to choose one superpower for yourself, what would it be?

5. Which one is your favourite emoji that you always use while chatting?

6. If your life was a movie, what would the title be?

Poll Questions for Instagram


1. Have you ever been there? (Add picture of the place you are referring to)

Yes / No

2. Do you eat Ice?

Yes / No

3. Which colour do you like?

Black / Blue

4. Who will win?

Burger King / Mc Donalds

5. How do you like your Doughnuts?

Classic Plain / With Sprinkles

6. What do you think? (Add Image of a product)

Love it! / Nope!

7. Do you think about your work while on vacations?

Yes / No

8. Best things come for free in life

Agree / Disagree

Facebook Poll Question Ideas


1. Which one of these do you find extremely boring?

a) Waiting for Something/Someone

b) Texting

c) Calling

d) Being stuck in a traffic jam

2. Name one makeup item you can’t live without?

a) Mascara

b) Kohl

c) Lipstick

d) Concealer

e) Other

3. What is the Full Form of GDPR?

a) General Data Protection Regulation

b) General Defense Protection Regulation

c) General Data Policy Regulation

d) None

4. Which one of these is your favourite?

a) Ice Cream

b) Cake / Brownies

c) Doughnuts

d) Waffles

5. What is your favourite sport?

6. Name one of your must-have item on a snowy day?

7. Rearrange the Word – GBNIO (Answer: Bingo)

8. Favourite Song?

Would You Rather Poll Question Ideas

1. Be a Ghost or a Vampire

2. Go for Trecking or Play on a Beach

3. Have Unlimited Money or Super Powers

4. Go for a Party or Spend some alone time

5. Be able to time travel or be invisible

Fill in the Blanks Questions

1. Favourite TV Show ______________?

2. Favourite YouTube channel________________?

3. Last movie I saw _______________?

4. If I could teleport anywhere in the world, I would go to________________?

5. Favourite Hobby___________________?



Loved the questions?

Post one now on your feed! And post questions frequently for better results. (Try posting a poll question at least once a week).

Do let me know in the comments below about how it worked for you.

You can also tag me on your insta story or feed post, I would love to participate in your poll question. 🙂

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Tarun Kashyap

Hi ma’am I really enjoyed the article, great ideas for creating engagement on social media channels, I’m definitely gonna try some of these.

Thanks for sharing such good article with us.