5 Avoidable Mistakes Startups are Making on Social Media


Social Media has emerged as a powerful concept for business marketing. Every business owner understands the benefits of a strong social media presence and trying their best to stay up in the digital marketing game. But where there are so many benefits of having a strong business presence online, there exist the disadvantages of social media as well.

For startups, it takes a lot of work and planning to catch the attention and create a strong business presence online where sometimes they initially make mistakes and wonder why they are failing. So here I am listing a few mistakes that you can totally avoid if you are planning to promote your startup on social media and enjoy the success without failing:



Focusing on Quantity over Quality

Many new startups build a pressure of posting content on social media in bulk every day, which sometimes leads them to post irrelevant content. So, the first thing every startup should know is instead of posting content in quantity, they should focus on highly informative and quality content.

It is best to post quality content once a day than posting useless content 100 times a day. Quality is what gets you genuine subscribers.


Targeting Random Audience

Starting posting random content on social media without knowing your audience will take you to nowhere but failure.

Before starting out on social media you should know what kind of product you are selling as a business and what type of audience you want to reach to improve your sales. Once you figure it out start reaching out to your niche-specific audience using relevant and resourceful content and information.


Losing Patience


When you plan to take your business online, you should be ready for compliments as well as negative feedback. It’s a fact that not everyone’s gonna love whatever you are posting or selling. Some people will find it good and some won’t like it at all.

What’s necessary for you as a business page on social media to be happy and send happy responses when you receive compliments and be patient and respond to bad comments in a polite tone too. Replying to bad comments in the rude tone can destroy your business reputation. So handle bad comments smartly.


Promoting Business on Too Many Social Media Platforms

It is a common mistake that every startup makes. They create accounts on all the social media platforms they are aware of. They tangle themselves in the web of so many accounts while they are unsure of how to use all of them effectively. All it brings is a failure.

Go slow. If you just started working on your social media presence, its best to choose only 2-3 social media platforms initially. Once you are settled on them add more social media platforms to your list gradually.


Not Analysing Numbers

How would you know if your Social Media strategy is a success or a failure?

The answer is – By keeping an eye on Analytics.

You can track down how people are reacting to your posts using Facebook insights, Twitter analytics or Pinterest Analytics. Based on those Analytics, keep working on your strategy and focus on posting content that your audience is enjoying.


Leave your comments below, if you know about any other mistake that new business accounts tend to make on social media.

5 Avoidable Mistakes Startups are Making on Social Media

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I think many people give up quickly. They want good results rapidly