5 Best Domain Name Generating Websites


Launching a new blog?

Decided blog name yet?

No? This blog is exactly what you need right now.

Deciding a catchy blog name is very important decision to make for everyone who wants to own a blog. So here I bring you an exclusive list of best 10 websites available on the internet that can help you providing blog name ideas in bulk, based on your blog niche and keywords that you provide.

Not only these websites solve the purpose of generating great name suggestions, but they also indicate whether those names are available to purchase. It’s a win-win!

Let’s get started!

1. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is a great website to consider for generating great suggestions for available blog name/Domain name.

How it Works:

a) Write a relative keyword or any word that you want to include in your domain name in search bar & click on “Search Domains”


b) After that, the website will display a long list of suggestions related to the word you entered. If you like a name, click on it.


c) It will then pop up a window and give you the options of companies to choose from, where you can register that domain name for yourself. I purchased mine from GoDaddy and I completely trust this company since I am using their hosting as well from last 3 years and I am happy with their support system.

2. Nameboy

Nameboy is another famous website for this purpose.

How it Works:

a) Enter keywords to generate domain names under primary word box and then you may enter a second word which is completely optional, feel free to skip it. Click on “go nameboy go!”


b) This will then bring you a list of all related domain name ideas. Along with name ideas, it also provides a table like format with checkboxes that are highlighted with green. Green means that it is available to purchase. There you will also see plain Red boxes which indicates that name is already taken and is unavailable to purchase. Select any good name, tick the checkbox & then click on “Add these names to cart”


c) A cart will then enable you to make your purchase.

3) Panabee

Panabee has a simple layout to search for domain names, app names, and company names.

How it Works:

a) Enter related keywords click on “Search”.


b) Choose a name with blue heart from search results. Names with broken hearts indicate that they are not available to purchase. You can also choose the extension of your choice from drop-down by clicking on down arrow as shown in below picture. Then buy it!

4) Name Mesh

Name Mesh is another cool website with an awesome interface. It generates multiple names and categorizes them into different categories like name ideas that are common, new, short, extra, mix etc.

How it Works:

a) Type keywords in the search box and click on “Generate”.


b) Now click on the domain name that grabbed your attention. And buy!

5) Name Station

As the tagline of this website suggests, “Pick the perfect name”. This website is all about generating domain name ideas in bulk to let you pick the perfect name of your choice.

a) Enter a word relates to your website niche in the field “What are you naming” & also enter a related keyword in the field “Write keywords are important to you” which is optional. Click on “get Name Suggestions”.


b) Choose a name that suits you the most and click on “Check Availability” to check whether the desired name is available or not.

c) If the desired domain name is available, go ahead and buy it!


Leave your comments below! 🙂


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Is there a reason why we are being told WHAT TO NAME OUR BLOGS by these companies? I am fully capable of naming my blog. I have one in fact and I seriously need more help with SEO and ways to keep my blog from attacks and timing out or being treated rough than naming help.