5 Proven Ways to Break Your Phone Addiction

Addiction is not just limited to alcohol or drugs. When a person is obsessed with anything, this obsession is called addiction.

Some people are addicted to parties, some are addicted to travel, and some are addicted to working out. Similarly, there is a lot of people across the globe who are addicted to their phones. They just cannot live without it, they do a lot of things on their phone like watching movies, playing games, access social media, chat with friends, browse the internet for random stuff or just keeps checking the notification every minute. Due to which they tend to spend most of their day on their phone.

If you are one of them and know you are addicted to your phone too, don’t worry you are not alone. I was there once too, and I got myself out of this addiction quite easily and gracefully. Initially, the idea of keeping the phone away may scare you a little bit but gradually you will get used to it.

So, just read this article and help yourself to get out of this addiction effectively.

I know you can do it!


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5 Proven Ways to Break Your Phone Addiction

Keep it out of reach

This single trick has proved to be the best one to help me breaking my phone addiction. It is not easy to implement this tactic but with a strong will, consistency, and dedication you can surely get it done.

Did you know that as per research millennials check their phones at least 150 times a day?

Massive, isn’t it?

So, here is the trick –

At night when you finally go to your room to sleep, do not carry your phone along. Keep it somewhere away from your bed in the room or even out of the room so you cannot reach it. Once you are on bed laziness will take over your brain and sleep will win over the urge of checking random things on phone.

Initially, you will feel the urge to get up to get the phone badly and you may get up to grab it on some days. But remember consistency is the key, slowly you will start fighting your urge and will be able to break this addiction in no time.

Once you start reducing your phone time you will automatically start finding time to share with your loved ones.

Isn’t it a win-win?

Take advantage of Flight Mode or Do Not Disturb mode

As per experts, you should be aware of the fact that excessive usage of the phone may affect your mental wellness and can cause you anxiety for long term.

If you are constantly on your phone, know that you are offending the people around you while abusing your mental wellness too. It sounds more like you are poisoning your socializing skills intentionally.

But no matter how addicted you are there is always a way out!

So, whether you are having a one-on-one conversation with a friend, being part of an event or spending time with just yourself try to put your phone on airplane mode or do not disturb mode. This way your notifications will not distract you anymore and you will be able to spend more quality time with your friends or with yourself.

Try to enjoy what is around you instead of ignoring the surrounding by shoving yourself into your phone. Slowly you will start enjoying your surroundings. Trust me!

For starters, you can start indulging yourself in self-care activities to spend more time with yourself instead of the phone.

Check out this blog for Self-care activity ideas 30 Ways to practise self-care

You can also take this as a 30-day challenge to help you unwind from Phone addiction.

Assign a designated spot to your mobile phone

A maximum number of phone users use their phone for about 3 hours 15 minutes on an average.

The main reason behind such extensive usage of the phone is having your phone in your hands or within your reach all the time.

Remember! when we used to have landline phones, we could not just stick to the phone all day long just because it used to be installed at some corner of the house. If you try to do the same with your mobile phone you can effectively break your phone addiction.

Let’s take an example of a fuel station – you take your car to a fuel station to refuel it instead of carrying a fuel station along with your car everywhere.

Let’s try applying the same technique with your phone!

Designate a space to your mobile phone near a charging point. Maybe you can call it your own charging station!

(Note: Make sure that there is no couch or bed near your charging station otherwise you will end up resting on the couch while charging and using your phone simultaneously.)

So, whenever you are done using your phone after checking all the notifications or whatever or if your phone’s battery is low, just go and put it back to the charging station. I’m going to repeat this here you should go to the charging station instead of getting the charger and plugging it within your vicinity.

And then you can reach out to it again, use it, put it back, Repeat at some interval of time. Gradually you will start noticing a difference.

Update your phone settings

Changing some of your own personal habits will not be enough in order to break your phone addiction. However, some changes on your phone are also required to let you accomplish your final goal.

If 60 to 70% of your notifications are not important then I will advise you to seriously look at your phone and spring clean it.

Since we are trying to break your phone addiction here, we majorly need to focus on how to reduce the distraction. Speaking of distraction, what else can be a major disturbance apart from notifications that keeps on buzzing your phone every now and then to grab your attention.

Considering that, here I’m going to suggest a few changes that you need to make to your phone, to help you get out of your phone addiction.

Turn off your phone notifications –

Check your app settings and turn off notifications for all unimportant apps. Just activate the notifications for only important apps that you don’t want to miss.

Enable dark mode on your phone to protect your eyes –

Almost all the smartphones come with dark mode option these days. Take advantage of that and enable it to protect your eyes from the bright screen colours.

Delete Distracting apps –

Look at all the apps that you have on your phone and classify them in 2 categories: Toxic and Important. Now keep the ones that are important and uninstall all the apps that are not important but addictive enough to keep you engaged to your phone.

Few examples of important apps are email apps, project management apps etc

Examples of toxic apps are gaming apps, video content apps, social media etc.

Degrade to a smaller phone

I know! I know!

You must be thinking I am insane to even include this strategy.

But just think about this, if you have tried every strategy to break your addiction and nothing seems to be helping then I do not see any other option apart from switching the phone.

When there will be absolutely nothing to check on the phone except for making or attending calls you will automatically come out of your phone addiction. You will have no reason to push yourself to not use the phone. Not only it will save your eyes but also let pay attention to your surroundings.

Please do give this option a thought as you can always access important applications on your computer. So, it’s not impossible at all.

Final Words

What’s life without a challenge? And there is nothing in this world that is impossible!

All you need to make the impossible possible is strong dedication and some patience!

Take this 30-Day Challenge today to stop letting your phone control you. Follow strategies that I shared above and try to take control over your phone instead!


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