5 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

Technology, a small word with a vast amount of information. Technology is growing and so are the opportunities to earn online. The Internet really made it possible to connect people across the globe, which increased a chance for businesses to reach out to people from diversified regions.

People who were frozen into 9-5 job routine are now coming out of their shells and trying new ways to earn. With that zeal, many people are coming up with innovative ideas every now and then. The Internet provides the opportunity to people to showcase their skill and gain attention. It made people millionaire in no time, especially those who tried to implement unique ideas.

People who were frozen into 9-5 job routine are now coming out of their shells and trying new ways to earn. Click To Tweet

But I won’t say that everyone should think of becoming a millionaire quickly, nobody can. It takes hard work, dedication and passion like any other offline job to earn recognition and money online. If you want to make a fortune online and that to be quick, this blog is not for you. But if you are looking for online stability, with slow, steady & realistic growth, please continue reading this blog. It is exactly what you need to read right now.




Lets quickly jump on 5 ways to make money online:

Become an Affiliate Seller

Affiliate Marketing is considered as one of the finest ways to earn money online. There are plenty of Affiliate programs available to join, where you can simply source their products to your website and sell. To name one, Amazon Associate program is a great option to start with. But to sell as an affiliate you should have a website and on top of that, you should have a good number of viewers. If you don’t have enough people to reach out to, to sell affiliate products, your efforts can be fruitless. But if you do have a great amount of audience, affiliate marketing is definitely your option.



Freelancing is one of the most recommended ways to earn money online. If you are new to it, you may find it difficult to gain real projects and clients to work with at first. But as I said above, online jobs take as much hard work & dedication to be successful as it takes on any offline job. So go for it with all your dedication, keep trying and there will be one day when you actually get a project to work on. Once you know the market and gain knowledge about how to convert clients there will be no turning back. Enjoy working at flexible hours while enjoying the comfort of your home.

Few websites that I recommend to start freelancing with, are – Upwork, People Per Hour, Craigslist, Fiverr & Mechanical Turk.

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Write Paid Content

If you know you love writing and are very creative with it, choose to write blogs and stories. There are people and companies out there who are looking for people who can write fables, blogs, ebooks or maybe books for them. They are willing to pay for the stuff you write. Moreover, if you love reading books and have excellent knowledge of grammar, you can also become a proofreader where you will get to read books or other content to find grammatical errors in content and get paid for it. Getting paid for doing what you love is always Awesome!


Sell Website Templates

Having a website is always the first thing that comes to anybody’s mind who’s thinking of starting a blog or business online. To start a website, they always need a unique template that is good looking and fulfil their requirement. So, if you know how to do the coding you should feel blessed. To start off, put your business in first gear by creating a few templates and putting them up for sale. Market your product online everywhere you possibly can. Once you start selling your products, enjoy speeding it up a bit with the more new variety of templates and increased sales.


Become a Vlogger

Vlogging is quite popular and its market is increasing every day. Vlogging can earn you a good amount of money if you are actually good at making high-quality videos that are informative and descriptive. Find out what your niche is and start making videos related to your niche. YouTube is the place where you can upload your videos and enjoy awesome earning while keeps on gaining subscribers and viewers of your videos and channel. YouTube is a fortified social media channel where everybody is fighting to win the race of uploading best & unique content to gain the highest number of viewers on their videos.


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Quick Tip – Before starting any online business, do proper research about what you want to do? what interests people? what sort of people do you want to target? and what will be your marketing strategy?. Once you figure out everything, its time to step into the online world.


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Where can I put website templates up for sale?

Elvis Michael

Id’ also like to point out subscription (membership) sites, especially if you have plenty of knowledge or resources to share over a long period.

Thanks for the nice read!

Melisa Smith

Hello dear, I am very glad to read your article. I try to read different types of digital marketing related article always. Today I am surfing to read about how to make money online and I found your one. I got some new idea from your content. I think it will help me a lot. Thank you so much for your awesome article. Keep covering this type of valuable content more.


Well, In my opinion, Vlogger is the hottest way to earn money these, You can visit nice places, describe them, Upload your videos on Youtube, Increase your followers, share with them affiliate products and earn money.