5 Ways to Drive Leads Using Instagram Stories

If you are trying to restrategize your social media marketing, consider including Instagram stories feature in it. If you are still thinking that it’s just another feature launched by Instagram, get over this thought as quickly as you can. As of now, using Instagram stories is considered one of the best ways to fast forward your business online.

Many big companies have included this feature in their marketing strategy and they are already posting on an average 14-15 new stories every month. Using IG stories feature is on the rise for marketers.

Instagram is growing like anything. As per statistics, IG has 800 million active users per month. More and more people are getting diverted from Facebook to Instagram every day.  It is already in the race of becoming the no. 1 social media platform in the coming future.

So gear up and take this fateful decision of using Instagram stories to drive generous leads to your business. Here are a few tips you can use to create your own strategy-


Tag Yourself

Instagram allows you to tag yourself to your stories. The best part of tagging is, it is clickable and directs your visitors to your profile with just a single tap. Once visitors visit your profile, they might find your profile interesting and wants to visit your business website. There you go, you are now driving traffic to your website using Instagram stories. Bingo!

How to tag yourself to a story

Click on “Aa” icon on the top of stories screen, type “@” followed by your username. Click on “done” and place your username wherever you want to place it on screen by dragging it using your finger.


Add Call-to-Action

If you are marketing a product or service through stories, using CTA’s is very important. Adding a CTA means, you are asking your visitors to take action if they like your product or service.

If you have 10,000+ followers then you can take advantage of swipe up feature where you can directly link your story with a product or service page.

Don’t get upset if you don’t have 10k+ followers. You can always add your website URL to your profile and tag yourself to stories. To take more advantage of adding overlay text, you can also add texts like “DM me if you like the product” or “Check the link in bio for more info”.


Comment on Other People Stories

You won’t see people liking or commenting on IG as frequently as they do on other social media platforms. But engagement is still necessary for marketers on Instagram. So it is a good habit of letting other people know about what you think of their stories by replying to them. Not only it will motivate them to stay active on IG stories but it will drive them to your profile too. It’s a win-win for both!


Frame It Like You Are Telling A Story 

As the word describes it all, stories are all about storytelling. A story can be about anything a product, service or life.

So, add a sequence of images to your stories that explain about your product or service in a step by step way.

For example: If you are a professional gardener, you can post a step by step story about how a flower grows out of a seed. And on the last image, you can add a CTA to let your visitors know that this is a service you provide and they can always contact you for gardening related services.


Create A Poll Within IG Stories

Instagram has this feature within stories which allows you to create a poll. Polls are always interesting and people actually tend to participate happily to answer them. You get to see the results of the poll when you swipe your story down later. So, once you are done with it, you can always go back and engage with people that participated in that poll.

To create one – Tap on the peeling square smiley icon located on the top of the screen, then tap on “Poll”, type your question and at last tap on Done.


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Elvis Michael

Funny you mention it. I was never a fan of Instagram, but i have been getting an itch for it lately. I actually just came up with a niche and action plan this week, and will be starting it soon.

Thanks for the inspiration.