5 Ways to Dump the Junk Out of Your Facebook News Feed


Facebook news feed section is all about receiving latest updates from people or pages you follow. It is kind of a nice experience in itself when you get to know what’s going on in your friend’s lives and get to see interesting posts from pages you follow and that to be at one place. Exciting! Isn’t it?


But this pleasant experience becomes a pain when you open your Facebook news feed and all you get to see is lots and lots of ads and posts from pages which overshadows posts from your loved ones.  Due to this overflow of unwanted news feeds from pages, sometimes people tend to miss updates from their friends and family.


If you are also struggling with the same situation, worry no more because Facebook allows you to customize your news feed to see more of the posts that you actually want to see.


Here, I am listing 5 different ways that you can use to dump the unwanted news feed to trash and enjoy surfing Facebook once again:


Hide Content of Facebook Pages

If you are following a page or pages and you actually like them but you are fed up of seeing a huge number of posts posted by them every day, which fill the most part of your Facebook news feed. In this case, you can stop receiving posts from those pages in your news feed without actually unfollowing that page. To do so, simply click on “triple-dot button” on any of their posts and click on “Hide All” option.



Customize News Feed Preferences

Facebook is continuously working on News feed section to make it a better place with every new update. Due to which, now you can customize your news feed preferences and give priority to people whose feeds you do not want to miss.

Click on the top right drop-down arrow, then click on “News Feed Preferences”. It will then prompt you to a pop-up, select “Prioritise who to see first”. It will then show you a list of all people and pages that you follow. Click on the names you want to prioritise and hit “Done” button.



Snooze Posts

Got some friends who are over posting and flooding your news feed with their updates about a new relationship or work or anything and everything that’s going on in their lives? Snooze them out for 30 days by clicking on triple-dot-button and select “Snooze (Person’s name) for 30 days”.



View Feed in Chronological Order

On an average thousands of feeds are getting added to Facebook user’s news feed every day which is absolutely a lot to notice. Due to this amount of content flooding in, it’s easy to miss out on important updates. To prevent yourself from missing out the latest news, you can now see your feed in chronological order. To do so, hover your mouse over News Feed option on left-hand side menu and click on triple dot button to see the drop-down menu. Click on “Most Recent” and enjoy the latest news first.



Get yourself well acquainted with this option because it is the best option to go with if you don’t want to see the posts coming in from any particular person or page. It’s the best because you can unfollow someone without getting to unfriend them, which means you can still be friends. It’s just you are not receiving their updates on your news feed anymore.

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