5 Ways to Retain Top Performers

Retaining best talent is essential for an organization.  Why? Because these are the people who go above and beyond to complete all their assignments/projects with excellence.


Such employees are sometimes easily noticed by competitor companies where they might put their effort to lure those employees to their company. So in the urge to save those employees, it becomes really important for an organization to make its staff feel comfortable while at work. To do so, here are 5 best ways to follow to retain top performers:


Create an honest work environment

Being an employer you expect from your staff to be pro-active in terms of communication about anything related to the office. On the coincide, employees expect the same from the employer.

No matter what the situation is, as an employer please always be honest with your team. Make them feel that they are a valuable part of the company by sharing the company’s achievements as well as the challenges that the company is facing. Give them an open environment where they can feel free to share their ideas and suggestions towards any issue. This way your employees will feel bonded with the organization.


Create a Clear Structure of Growth

Employees desperately work to see growth in their career. So, having a career plan for them within the organization is very important. People should be aware of the chances of growth & advancement available for them within the company. If you will let them work on the same profile for a long time without providing an opportunity for growth, they will start thinking of moving out.

So, give them exposure to a different kind of training and learning programs. Keep them engaged with the variety of assignments which brings learning to them. Most importantly, follow a hierarchy system so the employee feels tempted to work hard to get promoted to the next level.


Let Them Take Ownership of Their Work

If you seriously want to retain your batch of the best talent, do not become a micromanaging boss. Instead, give your employees the freedom to take ownership of their work & responsibilities.

Do not let them run to managers all the time to solve their problems. Let them think of a solution to any problem they are confronting on their own. Allow them to make a decision about their work problems. Let them own their work. It will help them learn the process more quickly.

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Be Easy with Your Employees

A human being cannot perform to their best continuously under pressure. So allow them to feel relaxed, especially when they need to. Be flexible with them and provide sick leaves, maternity leaves, paternity leaves as needed. Not only this, allow them some time to go on a family vacation. However, let your people know to give prior information about any leave they need. In some cases, you can also give them the freedom to work from home occasionally.

Making your employees feel comfortable at work always boost up their productivity and helps them to evaporate all their stress and work pressure.


Keep Throwing Challenges at Them

People who are good at their work love to work on challenges. This is how they keep on polishing their skills by challenging themselves with more and more difficult work. Believe it or not, these are the people who strive to be challenged and feel good about completing it. Challenges are, what keeps them motivated to stay with an organization.

So, do not bore them with the same repetitive kind of boring work else they will start looking out for better opportunities.


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