7 Eco Friendly Ways to Save Money


Many people love to stay organized in every aspect of their life to fine-tune their personal/professional life and responsibilities. But sometimes they forget to stay organized in one of the very important parts of life which is money-saving. Whether you are an adult or a millennial, money-saving is something that’s essential because that’s the only thing that supports the most during hard times.

If you haven’t started saving yet, don’t worry, It’s never too late to start something good. Be your own money manager today and start saving for your future.

To make this entire process more interesting, just imagine, what if you can save real money to support your future while supporting your environment simultaneously. Isn’t it exciting?

Well, let me tell you it’s actually possible with very little changes in your lifestyle.

Wanna know how?

Let’s take a look at some eco friendly money-saving tips below:



Saving money is only one of the many benefits of cycling. Cycling doesn’t just save money but does a lot of good to the environment and people who actually use a cycle on a regular basis.

Some of the main benefits of cycling are: It’s a pollution-free vehicle, it doesn’t consume fuel, it helps your body to stay fit as cycling is a good exercise, maintenance is cheaper than car or bike.

Mind Your Food Waste


As per FAO Research, approximately 1.3 billion tonnes of food is getting wasted or lost every year globally. Whoa! That’s too much food we are wasting!

Throwing food costs money, so why throw it at all. You can always figure out how much food you can consume so you can cook accordingly. Or, try to work out your grocery list and cut off the unnecessary items.

Also, there is no harm in eating leftover food within a specific time frame so you can avoid throwing all the leftover food and start consuming at least something that can be saved and consumed later in the next meal. For example: If you have leftover pizza or noodles, surely you can consume them later instead of throwing them in the garbage bin.

Watching out a little on food habits can save money as well as resources.


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Say NO to Disposable Cups


Did you know, the total number of disposable cups that are manufactured globally per year is half a trillion?

What’s worse is that these cups contain 5% of polyurethane plastic which makes these cups hard to recycle.

Every year a huge number of cups are being disposed of by corporate offices and other business sectors because it’s quite convenient to have use and throw cups. But considering the fact, how badly it is affecting our nature we can help it by making just a little change in our lifestyle. That change is, to carry your own reusable cups to work.

Be Beautiful Organically


Makeup is always expensive and women are forced to buy expensive makeup products because cheap makeup products are made up of low-quality ingredients and makeup with fewer chemicals or fine quality ingredients are always expensive.

No matter what a brand claims, more makeup always invites more skin damage. Cheap or expensive, makeup products are always full of chemicals. So what if I suggest you to use organic makeup to be gentle on your skin while taking advantage of the glowing skin. Try some homemade DIYs for a while and you will notice the difference. On top of that, the good news is, you will be saving a lot of money as well.

Save Paper, Go Digital


More paper = Losing more trees

Losing more trees = Environmental imbalance

So, try to cut down on paper and try to go digital as much as possible.

For instance, you can use apps on your phone to create a monthly grocery list instead of writing it down on paper. Or prefer making work notes on a notepad file, word file, or on Google keep instead of paper.

There are many ways to save paper, so try to cut the cost of paper and use digital apps for the purpose.


Buy Used Goods


Manufacturing new stuff consumes a lot of resources and considering the total population of the earth if everyone will run after buying new stuff, it will affect our beautiful nature a lot. To save our environment’s natural resources, you can consider buying used stuff once in a while.

So, since there are a lot of sources available these days like yard sales, online stores where you can buy second-hand stuff which is still in good working condition. There is no harm in having a couple of used items in the house. Sometimes people use the stuff for a very short period of time and are willing to sell it just because of some of their own obligations, so you can crack a really good deal on such barely used and almost new stuff for low prices. It’s a good way to stay eco-friendly and save money.

Say No to Plastic Water Bottles


Single-use plastic bottles are becoming a major area of concern everywhere as plastic is spoiling nature badly. So what if you can start carrying your own water bottle everywhere you go and avoid buying it from the market. It will save you money as well as it will reduce the consumption of plastic bottles. If you like the idea, you can also spread the word about it and make more people aware of it. With small changes, all human beings on earth collectively can achieve this goal of making our environment plastic-free.


I hope you found the above ideas useful in order to contribute love towards the environment while saving money. If you have more ideas to share, feel free to drop your idea in the comments below!


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