Microsoft Word: How to Change the Default Font

Fonts are basically text writing styles available in Word and other word processing applications. There is a considerably good number of font families available on Microsoft Word as well as online for you to explore. Some of which are paid and many are available to use for Free.

Fonts are a fun way to visualize your text in your own favourite style to make an entire word document look appealing.

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Best Small Business Ideas To Start In 2021

Best Small Business Ideas To Start In 2021

After the COVID-19 crisis world is shifting online in 2021 which created so many new business opportunities for people. There are many people who are trying to indulge in small businesses for extended income.

Small businesses have their own advantages because you can start one with low investment and eliminate the risk of losing too much. If it gets successful, then you can enjoy higher profit and margins and if it does not run as successfully as you predicted then the good thing is you did not invest a fortune.

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Top Whatsapp Security Features You Must Use

Whatsapp became a favourite messaging app quite quickly but after lockdown, it was used by users even more than before.

There are lots of instant messaging apps available on the Internet but with over 2 billion downloads WhatsApp app managed to stand out. This app is broadly used worldwide because of its huge stack of features and end to end encryption for security.

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MS Excel: How to Create Data Bars

MS Excel: How To Create Data Bars

There are many things you can do under conditional formatting in excel and creating data bars is one of them.

Data bars in ms excel are a perfect tool to visualize numbers to be able to differentiate quickly. When you apply data bars formatting to a set of data in your excel spreadsheet it creates a bar in each numeric cell to represent the number. The higher the number. the longer the data bar appears in the cell.

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How To Backup Important Gmail Emails

Emails are considered as an official mode of communication for business. Hence, it is always loaded with valuable and sensitive information.

While being in a habit of using Gmail every day you often forget about the amount of data, you are storing on it. When it comes to something that is important and vulnerable it is always recommended to have a backup before it is too late.

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How to fix company culture after firing employees

For any organization, it is not easy to keep the morale up of their employees after asking some of them to leave. It is really difficult to win the confidence of existing employees even if the organization is doing great.

Being a part of management, you cannot just sit around and wait for the situation to get sorted on its own with time. Corporate culture isn’t something that builds on its own. In fact, management needs to take some actionable steps to build it positively among employees successfully.

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5 Proven Ways to Break Your Phone Addiction

Addiction is not just limited to alcohol or drugs. When a person is obsessed with anything, this obsession is called addiction.

Some people are addicted to parties, some are addicted to travel, and some are addicted to working out. Similarly, there is a lot of people across the globe who are addicted to their phones. They just cannot live without it, they do a lot of things on their phone like watching movies, playing games, access social media, chat with friends, browse the internet for random stuff or just keeps checking the notification every minute. Due to which they tend to spend most of their day on their phone.

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Daily Weekly Printable Planner 2021


Daily Weekly Printable Planner 2021

Hello Everyone!

Getting yourself into a habit of using daily weekly planners is a great way to get yourself organized. Not only it helps you with better organization of tasks but it also is a great way to upgrade productivity.

Keeping this in mind, I created a set of daily weekly planners for you. With these planners, you can sort your daily weekly tasks and agendas quite easily. These planners will also help you with setting weekly/monthly goals as well as prioritizing important tasks so you don’t miss on deadlines anymore.

So wait no more and buy this beautiful set of planners to stay on top of your daily weekly tasks.

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Daily Weekly Printable Planner 2021

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