7 Best Dropshipping Stores in India 2021

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Are you an aspiring employee who is tired of a 9-5 job and looking for the most convenient way to set up your online business?

And one that gives assurance of the profitability of your business model?

If your answer is a “YES” to any of these, read on to know the best dropshipping stores in India that would let you embark on the journey.

While starting a dropshipping business isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme, its prospect looks absolutely promising. In fact, by 2026, the growth of Indian e-commerce is anticipated to reach the US $200 billion.

This brief guide to dropshipping 101 is aimed at helping you understand the essentials of dropshipping and obtain insights into the most successful dropshipping stores in India.

What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping refers to the order fulfillment method where the merchant doesn’t maintain its own inventory. Instead, upon receiving orders, it passes them to a third-party manufacturer or dropshipping wholesaler that fulfills them.

Therefore, the success of your online store largely depends on the supplier you choose to partner with. And that’s why it’s essential to take your pick from the best dropshipping stores.

How Dropshipping Works?

As mentioned above, when you choose a dropshipping model, you don’t stock products to run your online store. Instead, your dropshipping supplier completes the order fulfillment process.

Whenever your store receives an order, you forward it to the supplier. Your supplier then prepares the order and directly ships it to the customer.

So, you don’t have to bear the hassles of maintaining your own stock, product packaging, and shipment. The customer pays you while placing the order. And you pay the supplier after keeping your profit.

The operational process makes this a great low-risk and cost-effective business model for all newbie entrepreneurs.

Essentially, one of the key steps in embracing this business model is to identify the right dropshipping suppliers. Take a look at the following roundup of the best dropshipping stores and choose one today!

This will help you identify the right one without having to run into middlemen and scammers.

Now that you know the concept of dropshipping, here I have curated a list of some major dropship wholesalers in India to help you get started.

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7 Best Dropshipping Stores

Best Dropshipping Stores Image

1. IndiaMART

Having started its journey in 1999, IndiaMART is considered one of the best dropshipping stores in India today. With 32 office locations across the country, the company boasts of over 6.5 million suppliers.

It helps retailers connect with wholesalers and also offers a Payment Protection Program to help buyers pay securely. Some of the most popular product categories include drugs & pharma, electronics & electrical, food & agriculture, etc.

Notably, you can find a huge number of manufacturers in this store. Therefore, you can have your products customized to fulfill the varying needs of your customers.

2. BaapStore

Whether you’re searching for a branded dropshipping supplier or a private label dropshipping service to promote your brand, you can find them all at BaapStore. With over 50,000 products and useful features like free delivery and automatic stock updates, it certainly belongs to the league of successful dropshipping stores in India.

It also offers different free marketing tools to help you manage dropshipping marketing and affiliate marketing activities efficiently. Even if you aren’t familiar with the tech aspects of running an online store, BaapStore and its team can help you to develop it.

3. TradeIndia

Founded in 1996, TradeIndia operates as a B2B platform. With more than 41,04,084 active suppliers, you can rest assured of being able to partner with the right one for your products.

Perhaps the best part is the platform lets you meet suppliers not only from India but many other countries as well. Apart from offering a huge number of product categories, it provides business loans to help entrepreneurs succeed in their ventures.

Moreover, you can join TradeIndia absolutely for free and start using its top-notch features immediately. Register today and see how one of the best dropshipping stores can help expedite your entrepreneurial growth.

4. ExportersIndia

This is another leading B2B portal that serves much like DropCommerce. Its easy-to-use web interface allows you to connect with Indian suppliers effortlessly.

With thousands of products, free participation, and lots of positive reviews, ExportersIndia is one of the most successful dropshipping stores you can explore. Here, you can also post your requirements to find out credible suppliers.

The massive product category is neatly organized. So, no matter which product you offer, you will most likely connect with the right supplier almost always by searching the appropriate category.

5. Dropshipzone

If you’re searching for one of the cheapest dropshipping suppliers, you should check out Dropshipzone. With a large inventory filled with different product categories, finding the right supplier is quite easy.

You can join for free and immediately start using its top-class features including round-the-clock customer support, hot deals, fast delivery, etc. And as the product catalog is considerably large, making good profits isn’t a problem if you choose the right items to sell.

Sometimes managing dropshipping activities becomes a difficult task, especially for new entrepreneurs. However, Dropshipzone makes it much easier by making the entire process smooth for you.

6. Hothaat.com

Though Hothaat.com is a relatively new entrant in the dropshipping field, it has already gained a good reputation among entrepreneurs. Primarily, it’s because Hothaat lists new and innovative products that you can sell to expand your customer base.

The company has also integrated top features that you can use to make the most of your time, effort, and money. These include 24/7 customer support, free worldwide shipping, and member discounts.

If you’re ready to leverage its platform and the large inventory, join today. Just be sure to email them as there’s no option for direct registration on the site.

7. Snazzyway

If your business idea flows around lingerie, Snazzyway is one of the best dropshipping stores for you to explore. It offers a wide selection of a variety of undergarment products, thus ensuring you find the right supplier.

Established in 2014, Snazzyway has already partnered with more than 4,500 online stores. Its key USP is to ensure the availability of the best quality fashion lingerie to its partners.

Additionally, it provides top-notch dropshipping resources to help the partners promote their stores. Join today and feel the power of high-quality HD videos, HD images, high-value content, and many other exciting resources.

Now that you’ve got a clear understanding of dropshipping for beginners, what’s stopping you? Explore the best dropshipping stores mentioned above, take your pick, and start selling!

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