Best Small Business Ideas To Start In 2021


After the COVID-19 crisis world is shifting online in 2021 which created so many new business opportunities for people. There are many people who are trying to indulge in small businesses for extended income.

Small businesses have their own advantages because you can start one with low investment and eliminate the risk of losing too much. If it gets successful, then you can enjoy higher profit and margins and if it does not run as successfully as you predicted then the good thing is you did not invest a fortune.

Making an investment and starting a sole proprietorship business is easy and anyone can do that but running it successfully is where the challenge exists.

Now if you are thinking of starting a small business yourself you cannot just go ahead and start any business. You need to figure out an idea for your startup that is in demand as well as out of the box.

While there is a huge stack of small business ideas available all around you it is hard to choose the best one to pursue. I will advise you to choose the one that you have knowledge about, and you are enthusiastic about. Now if you are all charged up to start your new venture but do not want to invest too much then look at the below ideas to consider.

Along with the best business ideas, I will also share the setup required to start the business, the skill required to run the business and the investment required to carry out the business. These three factors will help you decide whether you can get yourself into that business or not.


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10 Fastest Growing Business To Start In 2021

Medical Courier Service

For decades maybe people are habitual of going to the chemist shop to get prescriptions. But today with a busy schedule no one has time to go to a drug store and get the prescription themselves. There are countless prescriptions that are getting fulfilled every day. And the majority of people these days are always up for taking advantage of doorstep services to save time which arises the need for prescription delivery service.

Compared to other kinds of businesses the setup cost of getting into medical courier service is quite low. All you need is a vehicle and a driver to get this business started. Initially, you can use your own car or bike for deliveries and drive it yourself. Once the business gets its pace you can always buy a dedicated vehicle for the services and hire a professional driver.

After investing in a dedicated vehicle, you can also utilize it for the transportation of lab specimens or equipment to and from hospitals.

If this is something you think you can do, you should go with this, as medical services are always in need.

Setup Requirement – A delivery vehicle & driver

Skill – Time Management

Opportunities – Prescription drug delivery, Lab specimens or equipment transportation

Social Media Marketing


With the rise of social media, opportunities for online marketing became inevitable. From a search engine, optimization to network marketing and content marketing in the marketing business has been increased by a good percentage in the last couple of years.

Social media platforms were originally launched to let people connect online but entrepreneurs saw an opportunity and leaving no stone unturned to market their businesses online.

Why would a business spend a fortune on television or radio marketing anymore when they can target a global audience right from their computer?

Since businesses are on the verge of taking advantage of social media there is a lot of scopes for you to be their social media consultant.

Online marketing techniques are emerging constantly. If you are familiar with the concept and know what it takes to target a niche-specific market, then this will be the best business for you. However, creating a considerable portfolio would be a good idea to stimulate your business as a consultant.

You can enjoy offering a variety of services like search engine optimization, social media management for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin & Twitter, content creation, content marketing etc. for

Setup Requirement – Laptop, Stable Internet

Skill – SEO, SMM, Pay-Per-Click

Opportunities – Branding, Strategizing, Driving Audience, Watching for Comments & Messages



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Now let us move to another amazing business idea that you can start with absolutely zero investment. If you have a flair for the E-Commerce business, then this will prove to be a great business idea for you.

Initially, this can just be a part-time business for you. Once it started to roll and start making profits for you, you can consider making it your full-time business.

How to start a dropshipping business.

1 – Determine the type and niche of products you want to sell. Premium or Non-Premium.

2 – Determine the platform to sell your products.

There are many options available for you to choose from. If you are not willing to invest a penny you can sell your products on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Flipkart, eBay etc. However, if you were willing to invest some money and launch your business like a pro, you can get your E-Commerce store created on Shopify, Magento or WooCommerce.

3 – Find out wholesale suppliers that can provide you with the type and quality of products you want to sell for dropshipping.

4 – Register a proprietorship firm to be able to sell the goods

5 – List your products on your E-Commerce platform

6 – Enjoy making profits by selling the products.

Setup Requirement – A Phone/Laptop, E-Commerce Platform

Skill – Order Management, Finding Right Supplier

Investment – Zero Investment or A little Investment (Your Choice)


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Home Improvement

Home Improvement

If you are a highly creative person and you love converting dull home spaces into a beautiful and lively place to live, then you might think about starting a home improvement business.

Luckily, you do not need a solid portfolio to start a business as an interior designer. Many people feel the urge of redesigning or renovating their house at least once a year, so this service is always in demand.

You can start off with small gigs to create your portfolio and quickly turn your business into a company by offering complete renovation solutions.

Now if you are thinking of possible ways to get those small gigs initially then I will advise you to ask your friends and family first to check if they have any similar job for you. As soon as you secure a gig, get it done and ask for feedback. These little gigs will not only help you with building a portfolio but also help you with polishing your skills.

Profits in this business mostly stay on the higher side so try to build a positive reputation for your business. The more creative and professional you get the more money you make.

Setup Requirement – Computer with 3D Drawing Software

Skill – Architecture, Interior Design

Opportunities – Home Remodeling, Renovation, Interior Design

Online Coaching

As the name suggests, online coaching is a business where you teach a specific skill that you know the best to the people who needs to learn that.

If this is something, you are interested in doing I will advise you to start with planning your course first. Once you have the layout of your course ready, you can set it up on Google Classroom, PowerPoint presentation or any other application that you are comfortable with.

Having a well-planned and well-structured course will not only add value to your coaching business but also helps you to present yourself among your students professionally. Later you can expand this business by offering on-site coaching classes.

To start with, you can start checking with your network or promote your services on social media to be able to find the people who are looking forward to learning that skill.

The pay ratio in this business depends on the type of skill you are coaching and the age group you are dealing with.

Setup Requirement – Laptop, Stable Internet, Video Calling App

Skill – Any

Opportunities – Offer live classes to students or skill training to business professionals

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Home Baked Delicacies

home baked delicacies

The rise of creative baking created a lot of opportunities for those who are in the baking business.

If you really love baking and you have a commendable skill of baking tempting delicacies, I will recommend you get started with the home baking business.

Before starting you can do some research and update yourself about what others are selling. After conducting the research come up with some unique preparations of your own and try to make those visually appealing to succeed in this business.

Do not worry if you are not an expert in baking because if you are interested in this business you can always join a professional course to learn the skill. Start practising it and become a pro.

Once started you can promote your business and sell your baked goods on social media by reaching out to local people. To add value to your business you can also offer home delivery if possible.

This business can help you make big bucks if you are able to offer taste as well as creative baking items.

Setup Requirement – kitchen with baking tools and equipment

Skill – Baking, Creativity

Opportunities – Designer cupcakes, Designer cookies, Cakes and much more


Do you know that approx. 409 million people access over 20 billion pages every month?

Blogging has gained massive success because of the rise in information seekers online. This business is witnessing huge growth each year.

If done right blogging can be an interesting and profitable business for you to start in 2021.

A blogging business involves content writing, knowledge sharing, content marketing, website management etc.


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The good thing about the blogging business is that it is not limited to just one skill. If you are an expert on something and you are good at sharing your expertise in terms of blogs by effectively connecting with your audience then blogging is for you.

In this business opportunities are endless so just put yourself out there and try to connect with your audience.

With a successful blog, you can not only create a fan base for yourself, but you can also create your own clientele by offering services. Gradually, you can start your own service-based company and add as many clients as you want.

Setup Requirement – Self-hosted website, Computer

Skill – Your expertise on any topic

Opportunities – Travel Blog, Food Blog, Fashion Blog, Technology Blog, Lifestyle Blog, Health and Fitness Blog


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Soap Making

Soap Making

Are you working full time in a company but still looking for some additional income stream without really leaving your job?

Are you a creative person?

If your answer is ‘YES’ to both the questions above, then this side business can be a lucrative choice for you.

Increased demand for handmade soaps has created an opportunity for people to start a business that they can enjoy. Soap making business needs exceedingly small investment to get started. You just need a few moulds, soap base & other essential ingredients and you are good to go.

Many people are choosing to start this home-based business because it takes very less time to create the final product yet yields higher profits.

Now the question is when there are so many people already selling handmade soaps how can you stand out and sell yours at competitive prices?

The simple answer to this question is “Be creative”. The more visually appealing soaps you will be able to create, the more customers you can attract!

This business entails looking for customer feedback and responses to see what they think about your product. Feedbacks are always helpful to improve the quality of your product, to be able to retain your customers.

Do not just Create, Sell and Forget!

Instead, try this – Create, Sell, Feedback, Upgrade, Repeat!

Setup Requirement – Soap Making Equipment and Tools, Soap Ingredients

Skill – Soap Making Techniques

Opportunities – Sell Online & In Local Market

Content Writing

Content Writing

If you are aware of the secrets of writing an extraordinary piece that can engage the audience, you should consider the content writing business. Content writing is so much in demand, that you can find as many remote clients as you want to earn a good income.

When you sell content writing services, you are most likely to focus on:

  1. Carrying out research to know everything about the topic you are going to write.
  2. Engaging writing style
  3. Usage of good keywords in the content to make it SEO enabled.
  4. Producing a copy of high-quality content

To find the clients that are looking to sell your content writing services to, you can set up your Facebook page, a services page on a website or you can sell your services through email marketing.

While it is easy these days to reach out to clients that are looking for writing services, it is hard to retain them. You can only retain your clients by offering high-quality writeups.

If you are confident that you can do your research well and write an article that is of high quality, then this business can do wonders for you.

Setup Requirement – Computer

Skill – Writing, Grammar, Punctuation, SEO

Opportunities – Plenty of Remote Opportunities


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App Development

To start the business of app development you should have the basic skill of coding on the computer that is required to develop a well functional app for Android or iOS. You can decide whether you are comfortable with developing Android apps, IOS apps or both. Based on your interest you can start finding and pitching your potential clients.

With continuous upgrades in technology, people have become tasteful about the functionality of their apps. So before starting this business make sure you are well practised and aware of what is in demand.

To make yourself aware of what’s trending, you can carry out deep research to check which type of apps are trending, what kind of interface & functionalities they are offering, their marketing strategy, their offerings etc.

Research is particularly important to understand the market because I am sure you don’t want a bad review from a client that can affect your business.

If you get successful in this business, you can even establish your own app development company with many clients as well as employees working with you.

Setup Requirement – Computer, Softwares

Skill – Android/IOS App Development

Opportunities – Yields High Profits

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