How To Logout Gmail From Phone

Gmail app comes by default on all android phones which android users use to access their email with the ease of just a few taps. And the best part about the app is that you can log in as many accounts as you want to. It’s easy to use interface also allows you to switch between multiple emails with ease.

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How to Convert PDF to Word Online (Free)

Most of the business-related or other important documents are normally exchanged in PDF format these days. Not because its a trend but because of the safety it offers to a document especially when it is meant to travel from person to person. Sharing a PDF file prevents a document from accidental or intentional edits from the users it is being shared with.

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How to Convert a Word Document into PDF


There are moments when you need to share a word file with few people but you want to save the document from accidental edits. For those moments it’s always recommended to convert your word file into a PDF before sharing it with others.

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How to Convert a JPG to a PNG in Paint


In this article, I am going to share the easiest method to convert jpg to png using the paint app.

Paint is an app that comes with Windows by default, so if you are using Windows then you surely have this app on your computer.

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How To Create A YouTube Channel


You can always watch videos, like videos or even comment on others youtube video with the google account you have. But can you really be a creator with just that google account? The answer is NO! You need to have your very own youtube channel to label yourself as a creator.

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How To Convert A Photo To PDF from Android Phone

When you click a picture from an android phone, the default format of the image is .jpg. So, there are moments when you take a couple of pictures of your documents on your android phone which you need in pdf format to upload somewhere. In that case, you wonder how to get it done and you end up looking for several third-party photo editor apps to do the job.

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