How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Instagram addiction can be an over-the-top social obligatory pressure on people. The pressure is not just confined to supposedly seeming happy all the time. Social status and social life are the most hyped-up departments of Instagram. The last resort to get rid of your Instagram addiction is to delete Instagram forever.

It seems like a foundation to leave that fake online world behind to be able to enjoy the surroundings again.

This world of pretence and superficiality suffocates many and they go on social detoxification. The detoxification includes deletion of accounts or the social media platforms including Instagram either temporarily or permanently.

This meaningless race can cause anxiety and frustration among the young teens for not being good enough. The fear of missing out soon prevails the good self of a person. Thus many of them resort to remove Instagram account either temporarily or permanently.

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How to Cut Back on Instagram Usage

Hours went by, and you are still scrolling reels on Instagram?

Many of you would relate to the self-realization that caught up afterwards that “I’ve wasted my time for nothing.”

You get little or no value out of your Instagram usage; on the contrary, you end up straining your eyes and disturbing your mental peace.

But that’s not all your fault, using Instagram stimulates the release of dopamine in your brain, forcing you to keep using Instagram. It surely is great for Instagram growth, but take out a minute to ponder if you are doing any good to your future.

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How to change language settings on Instagram

Instagram’s very purpose is to connect people far from each other. In the process, language comes out to be the toughest barrier.

Instagram is well aware that its users are from different demographics and is putting its best foot forward to bring them on the same page. With 1.074 billion+ active users monthly, Instagram cannot afford to lose its user base just because of the unavailability of their preferred language!

Thanks to Instagram for being compatible with 23 languages, covering the most popular languages ranging from Spanish, Portuguese, German, etc. Though Instagrammers are given the luxury to set their preferred language, most people don’t know that they can even use Instagram in their choice of language!

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How to Create Professional Instagram Account

How to create professional instagram account_featured image

Instagram, since its very inception, is a strong adherent of ‘Visuals over Text’. The fact that visuals are more appealing than text and users are more receptive to it, needs no backing. Social media marketers saw this as a welcoming opportunity. They were the ones who knew how to create professional Instagram account and thus capitalized on the merits of Instagram business accounts.

In 2020 50% of people were prompted to visit the website and purchase after seeing the product’s Instagram Stories and posts!

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19 creative ways to boost engagement on Instagram

19 creative ways to boost engagement on Instagram

Instagram was launched as an uncomplicated photo-sharing social networking site which has now emerged into a powerful marketing channel. Even, top businesses deem Instagram among their top digital marketing platforms.

With 1.074 billion users worldwide, it becomes a tug of Wall to get noticed or even get people to interact with your page.  Gaining recognition on this platform is not as effortless as it may look. It takes terrific strategy, efforts, and consistency to build an acknowledgment on Instagram.

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How to Share Instagram Story To WhatsApp Status

How To Share Instagram Story To WhatsApp Status

Instagram stories are taking over the internet these days because of its easy-to-use interface and cool add-on features to make a story look appealing. Now that when you spend some time designing a perfect ig story, there comes the urge of sharing that same story to more platforms to reach more people.

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How To Create A YouTube Channel


You can always watch videos, like videos or even comment on others youtube video with the google account you have. But can you really be a creator with just that google account? The answer is NO! You need to have your very own youtube channel to label yourself as a creator.

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