Bucket List Ideas for New Bloggers


In our world, every single one of us have some dreams or goals to achieve. But not everyone succeed in achieving their goals and those are the only people who put all that blame on their luck or destiny. They just know how to dream but they don’t want to make any serious effort towards their goals. But to be honest, it’s the hard work and a clear set of goals that let few people actually achieve what they aimed for. One thing they have clear in mind, no matter what it takes they are gonna achieve that one goal.

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5 Ways to Drive Leads Using Instagram Stories

If you are trying to restrategize your social media marketing, consider including Instagram stories feature in it. If you are still thinking that it’s just another feature launched by Instagram, get over this thought as quickly as you can. As of now, using Instagram stories is considered one of the best ways to fast forward your business online.

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Pinterest Profile Changes To Make Your Profile Irresistible


As you already know that Pinterest plays a vital role when it comes to driving traffic to your website. And the beauty of Pinterest is, once you pin your article on it, it keeps floating in boards of different people. Like they say, the life of a Tweet is only 18 mins but on Pinterest pins keeps living on and on. So it is really really important to focus on nourishing your Pinterest profile to make it attractive and worth following.

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5 Avoidable Mistakes Startups are Making on Social Media


Social Media has emerged as a powerful concept for business marketing. Every business owner understands the benefits of a strong social media presence and trying their best to stay up in the digital marketing game. But where there are so many benefits of having a strong business presence online, there exist the disadvantages of social media as well.

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Instagram Added “Last Active” Feature: Here’s How to Disable it!


Instagram recently added a new feature “Last Active” which tells to people that you had chat with or who you follow about the time when you were last active on Instagram. It is sort of similar to “Last Seen” feature on Whatsapp.

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How to Change Your Name on Facebook


There are various reasons why someone wants to change the name on Facebook. Those reasons vary from person to person. Whether you want to put your name up on Facebook that friends use to call you with, or a pet name or a formal name or maybe you get a name change after getting married. The best part is you can always amend your name on Facebook.

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FAQs – Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog


I come across with so many questions every day about blogging. There are many people out there who secretly want to start blogging but don’t take a step forward due to so many questions they have about starting a blog. Or even if they don’t want to start a blog they might have the curiosity to know how it works.

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