Stop Making These Mistakes On WhatsApp Immediately


Messengers are fun and great tools to help you keep connected with your loved ones. Everyone uses one or the other messenger but Whatsapp tops the chart in terms of popularity.

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Microsoft Excel: How to Merge Data of 2 or More Columns


Microsoft Excel is a product that is developed and marketed by Microsoft. It is a spreadsheet that can be used to add, remove, edit, view data. Excel is a wonder tool for those who work on heavy data files on a daily basis. It can process the changes to the entire file within a few seconds through formulas which saves a lot of manual work and time.

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Review: GIFTED – Party With Purpose


Considering today’s lifestyle, everyone is busy in their own world. Sometimes, people who can afford thinks about doing something good for those in need. They want to do something more meaningful to celebrate their big day. But again, thought stays in their mind but they never get time to actually do it.

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Review: BVS Solitaire Collection

Solitaire was the first game I ever played on my first windows laptop. It was a game that use to come by default with windows. I went all nuts about this game and use to play it for hours. Even now, if there is a day when I just want to kill time playing card games, Solitaire is always my first preference.

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What is the Difference Between Windows and DOS?


One of the key components for a computer system is its Operating System. In the earlier era of computers, computing was really difficult. In the beginning, computers use to come with a black & white screen and one who was really aware of commands could only work on them. However, things have changed ever since Microsoft has launched windows. Now everyone has their own personal computer and everyone is able to use them with ease without knowing much about all the technical stuff.

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Windows 10: How to Delete Temp Files or Foo Files


Temp Files as the name suggests are Temporary Files that are created by Windows while you are creating a file or folder. These files are also known as “Foo Files”.

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How to Tone Down Screen Brightness of Your Android Phone Beyond Slider


As the world revolves around our phones these days, the usage of the phone has been increased drastically. Day or night everyone is just staring at their phone screen for one or the other reason every now and then. If a phone session goes longer it causes eye strain, especially during night hours.

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Windows 10: How to Uninstall a Program


Computer these days comes with a huge memory space which gives us the freedom of saving a huge amount of data. Every now and then we keep adding different apps to our computer and each app consume some space of course. So, it’s a good exercise to uninstall unwanted programs from the computer, to keep up with the storage space.

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5 Awesome New Things You Can Do With Right Click on Gmail


Google is making continuous efforts to make Gmail more user-friendly with time. Gmail is already loaded with many extra-ordinary features but Google does not want to leave any stone unturned. So, they keep coming up with more cool features to provide the best of Gmail to its users.

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