MS Excel: How to Create Multiple Sheets in a Workbook


Are you developing a habit of creating a new excel workbook for everything you do? Well, managing so many microsoft excel files can be tedious at some point. As soon as you will have 50+ files in your folder you may start spending time looking for the desired file. Having too many files can also create confusion.

To avoid the hassle, its always recommended creating 1 workbook for a project or a task. Have multiple excel spreadsheets within that workbook to manage different aspects of it on separate sheets. It makes life quite easy because by doing so you can manage everything related to a task at one place.

Now the question is how exactly you can create and manage multiple spreadsheets within a single excel workbook. And that’s exactly what I am going to cover in this blog post.

Additionally, at the end of the post, I have added 2 power tips for you to help you manage multiple spreadsheets even better.


If you don’t have time to read the blog please watch this quick video tutorial of everything that is covered in this blog post. 


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Let’s get started-

How to add multiple spreadsheets in an ms excel workbook?

  • Open Excel workbook
  • Look for the plus icon at the footer adjacent to sheet 1

  • Click on + icon to get new spreadsheet added. You can add as many spreadsheets as you want.

How to delete a spreadsheet?

  • Go to the spreadsheet that you are willing to delete
  • Right-click on sheet title, click on delete

How to rename spreadsheets?

Double click on sheet title and type desired sheet name




Right-click on sheet title > Rename

How to change the spreadsheet tab colour?

Right-click on sheet title to open menu

Hover your mouse over Tab Colour > Select desired colour

Power Tips

Tip 1 – You can always move your sheets within a workbook by dragging and dropping your sheets

Tip 2 – When you have so many spreadsheets within xlsx workbook, some of the sheets tend to hide underneath the scroll bar. You can always make more space to increase visibility of sheets by dragging vertical triple dot icon towards the right.


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