How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Instagram addiction can be an over-the-top social obligatory pressure on people. The pressure is not just confined to supposedly seeming happy all the time. Social status and social life are the most hyped-up departments of Instagram. The last resort to get rid of your Instagram addiction is to delete Instagram forever.

It seems like a foundation to leave that fake online world behind to be able to enjoy the surroundings again.

This world of pretence and superficiality suffocates many and they go on social detoxification. The detoxification includes deletion of accounts or the social media platforms including Instagram either temporarily or permanently.

This meaningless race can cause anxiety and frustration among the young teens for not being good enough. The fear of missing out soon prevails the good self of a person. Thus many of them resort to remove Instagram account either temporarily or permanently.

How to delete Instagram Instagram account on phone? 

If you too are looking for answers on ‘how do I delete my Instagram account’, you have made the right pit stop.

Steps on How I delete my Instagram account permanently:

  • Open Instagram on your device.


  • Log into your account, go to your profile.


  • Tap on the three parallel bars placed on the top right of your screen.

delete instagram Image


  • Open ‘Settings’.

delete instagram Image


  • Tap on ‘Help’.

delete instagram Image


  • Choose ‘Help Center’ from the displayed options. You will be redirected to your browser.

delete instagram Image


  • Now tap on ‘Manage Your Account’.

delete instagram Image


  • Tap on ‘Delete Your Account’.

delete instagram Image


  • On the menu that appears next, tap on ‘How do I delete my Instagram account’. 

delete instagram Image


  • Next, find a link with text saying ‘Delete Your Account’ and tap on it.

delete instagram Image


  • Choose an option from the drop-down menu for, ‘why are you deleting your account.


  • Re-enter the password. Now last option to permanently delete your Instagram account will appear after selecting the reason for deleting it.


  • Tap, permanently delete my account


  • After 30 days after your successful submission of the delete account request, all your information would be deleted permanently.

Video Tutorial for How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently


If you feel like there’s still a slight room for improvement, you feel like Instagram is not bad when used in moderation, you can look for effective tips to cut back on Instagram usage.

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