FAQs – Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog

FAQs – Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog

I come across with so many questions every day about blogging. There are many people out there who secretly want to start blogging but don’t take a step forward due to so many questions they have about starting a blog. Or even if they don’t want to start a blog they might have the curiosity to know how it works.


So, this week I decided to put some light on a few frequently asked questions about blogging, so you can learn what I learned with my experience of blogging.

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What is the difference between GoDaddy/Hostgator/Bluehost and WordPress?

Godaddy, Hostgator and Bluehost are Web Hosting companies that provide paid services. While on the other hand, WordPress is a plugin that allows publishing content on a website.

To be able to use WordPress you need to install it on a self-hosted website.

What approach should you follow to get your blog content shared on Social Media?

It’s hard to get many shares on your content especially in the beginning of a new blog. But if you will be consistent with posting valuable content on your blog, it won’t take long to start getting people to share your content on Social Media. Just focus on the consistency and effectiveness of your content.

How can you make your blog stand out when there are so many other popular blogs available online?

This is one factor that depends on you and only you. Believe in yourself, because there is no one like you. You are one unique individual with your unique experiences and knowledge. So be focused and start your blog. Add your personal touch to it and enjoy the results.

Should a company have a blog?

Yes, a company should have a blog. Since blogging is all about sharing valuable content and when a company shares an article based on their niche it attracts people to their website. Having more visitors to the website also increases brand awareness among people which sometimes leads to actual sales. So, yes having a blog is beneficial for a company.

Should you limit your blog to one topic or go beyond a niche?

Sometimes people who narrow their blog with a limited topic find themselves in a situation after some time where they don’t know what to write on the blog anymore. As one can run out of topics easily if they only focus on 1 category.

I don’t believe in niche nightmare, instead, just be yourself and write about whatever you are comfortable with!

Why should you prefer the WordPress default comment system?

WordPress allows you to take the backup of your blog posts which saves comments with it as well. So in future, if you want to move your blogs to some other platform, comments will also be ported along with the blog post.

What are the essential elements of a blog?

Below I am listing a few points that you should have on your blog:

a. Easy to access navigation menu where people can find categories and important pages of your blog.

b. Social Media buttons embedded with each blog post in accordance to allow your visitors to share your blogs on their social media.

c. Sidebar with a little description about yourself, a section where visitors can subscribe to your blog or newsletters, categories and social media follow sections (optional)

d. Contact Page

e. Easy to read font for the website.

f. A good colour scheme is a must for a blog.

What should you follow in your blog posts to make your blog SEO Optimized?

There are few things to keep in mind while drafting a blog post to make it SEO optimized:

a. Use strong keywords in the blog title.

b. Use H2 tags.

c. Add ALT tags to images.

Can you start a blog without knowing much about technical stuff?

The answer is YES, YOU CAN! 🙂

WordPress is easy to use interface which has everything sorted for you. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to run a blog on WordPress. It’s really easy to use. Moreover, there are many platforms available online where you can create awesome graphics for your blog as well without being a graphic designer too.

What is the blog niche?

Niche is something that every blogger talks about and believe that it’s important for any blog.

Niche is a topic or a wide category that you are passionate about or a category that you can choose for your blog to write about.

For example – If you are passionate about fashion and you know most about it then you can opt for a fashion blog where you can write about everything including what you wear, dressing styles, makeup tutorials, skincare routine or anything and everything about fashion. So, in this case, “Fashion” is the niche!


Still, have more questions about blogging? No problem! Comment below your queries or write to me at info@hashtagsandkeywords.com. I will be more than happy to answer them.

Stay Tuned!

FAQs – Things You Need To Know Before Starting A Blog

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What’s an H2 tag please? I am using WordPress.com


Very good blog for anyone starting out in blogging. Finding your own style and a specific audience (to write too) is key in creating a unique blog.