Google Alerts: How to Set Up Google Alerts


Before jumping on the process of how to create google alert, let me tell you what exactly Google Alert is?


The tagline of this tool is – “Monitor the web for interesting new content”

As the tagline suggests, it is a tool from Google that allows you to keep track of what’s going on, on the web every day. You can create an alert or multiple alerts using any topic or word of your interest and enjoy an updated feed with the latest content delivered right into your inbox.


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How to create Google Alerts?


Step 1 – Log into your Gmail account.


Step 2 – Go to the Google Alerts web page.


Step 3 – Type a keyword or topic of your choice in the Search box.

For example: If you love cooking and you would like to keep an eye on new recipes that are getting posted on the web every day so you can try them. You can type “Recipe”.

As soon as you are done typing keyword, it will display a preview of the alert underneath the “Create Alert” button.



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Step 4 – In this step, you can set your preferences for that particular alert by clicking on “show options”. Once you click on “show options” it will then expand the list of options that you can customize.



Step 5 – As soon as you are done customizing the alert, click on “Create Alert” button.


Step 6 – Hurray! Alert created! Now check your inbox of email account that you selected under “Deliver to” option while following step 4. There must be an email full of recent web posts list based on the alert created.


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