How To Choose An Amazing Blog Name

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Choosing a blog name is one crucial decision that everyone has to make if they are thinking about starting a blog.

It needs a lot of brainstorming to decide the blog niche in the first place and then another major decision is to choose a valid name that represents the blog niche in an exact manner.

I went through the same phase and believe me I spent a week thinking about it. Then I figured that being a Director of a Tech company I have good technical skills as well as being a modern woman, a mom, and a wife I have hands-on experience with lifestyle niche too, So I finally decided to choose a name for my blog that is not niche specific. Instead, I chose a name that’s good for the diverse nature of blogs and can give me the freedom to share all sorts of knowledge and information.

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So, here are a few things that you should consider while choosing the blog name:

Avoid Niche-Specific Blog Name

Choose a Niche-specific name only if you are 100% sure that you want to continue with only 1 niche throughout the lifetime of that blog. But if you are not sure or planning to start with one niche first and then expand the blog with more variety of content then go for a name that can go with the variety of blogs.

Take help of “Domain Name Generating” Websites

There are plenty of websites available online that can help you sort out a good blog name. All you need to do is, type a related keyword and hit search to get a list of many good names. I am sharing few good website names here for reference:

Lean Domain Search

List out ideas

While searching for an awesome blog name, get yourself into a habit of writing down each name idea that you think can be the name of your blog. So, once you are done looking for good names, you will end up with a list of many great names. Having this list will make it easy for you to choose just one name out of that list.

Book Domain

Once you finalized the blog name, hurry up in booking the domain name before it’s too late.


You now officially have an awesome blog name and domain that is exclusively yours. 🙂

If this blog post helped you in choosing a blog name in any manner please do leave your feedback and your new blog URL in the comments section. I would love to make a visit.

How To Choose An Amazing Blog Name Image

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