How to Convert a Word Document into PDF


There are moments when you need to share a word file with few people but you want to save the document from accidental edits. For those moments it’s always recommended to convert your word file into a PDF before sharing it with others.

Or a moment when you have to upload a document on a website which only accepts pdf format.

Whatever the situation is, you can always convert your word file to a PDF directly through word instead of using a third-party app. It’s easy and time-saving. So here’s how you can get it done:

Video Tutorial

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How to Convert Word to PDF

1. Go to Microsoft word and open your document

2. Click on File > Save As

3. On the pop-up window, browse the folder where you want to save your PDF file

4. Click on Save As Type drop-down menu to expand the menu

5. Select PDF

6. Click on Save Button

After clicking on save button you will be redirected to Word document and your PDF file will open automatically.

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