How to Create an Action in Photoshop to Convert a Batch of PNG Images into JPG


Actions work best when it comes to processing images in bulk in Photoshop especially when you have to make the same kind of change to all the images.

No time to read! Don’t worry, listen to this article here.

Earlier I used to look for some software whenever I had to convert a single or a batch of images from one format to another. But from the moment I got Photoshop, it became absolutely easy for me to convert image format hasslefree. I have this action saved in my photoshop, so whenever I need to convert image format, all I need to do is run the action on the entire folder of images and guess what it only takes few minutes to finish the job. Isn’t it amazing?

It’s a wish come true for those who work majorly with graphics most of the time. If you have Photoshop, you should try this!

So, let’s get started!

Step 1

Have 2 folders ready, one with the batch of PNG images and an empty folder where you want to get the processed images exported.

For example – I named my folders as PNG & JPG to be clear about the source folder and destination folder.

Step 2

Open Photoshop, press F9 key to make below section appear on photoshop screen.


Step 3

Press “Ctrl + O” keys on your keyboard to get a pop-up to appear, which allows you to choose 1 image to open in photoshop.

Step 4

Once an image is opened, click on the square icon on the left side of delete icon in the window that we opened in step 1 to record the action.

Step 5

Clicking action button will then lead to another pop-up window where you can name your action. For now, I named my action as “PNG-to-JPG-Action”. Once naming is done, click on “Record” button. As soon as “Record” button is clicked, your action will start recording each and every action you will follow until you stop the recording. So my advice is, do not try to click anywhere unnecessarily as it may get recorded in action which can spoil it. So only follow the desired steps while recording an action.

Step 6

Press “CTRL + SHIFT + S” keys on your keyboard using 3 fingers at once to save the opened image. It will get a window popped up on the screen where you can select and open the destination folder.  Do not close this window yet.

Once a folder is selected click on the drop-down field next to format within the same pop-up and select “JPEG (*.JPG;*.JPEG;*.JPE) or any other format that you wish to choose for your images. But for now, here I am choosing JPEG format.

Then click “Save”

Step 7

Clicking on Save button will then open one more pop-up window, where you can simply click “Ok” button without changing anything in that pop-up.

Step 8

Now close the image that you have opened in Photoshop by clicking on the “x” button as shown in the image below. Follow the red arrow.

Step 9

Your action is all recorded. Now click on the stop button to stop the recording.

Step 10

Bingo! You have now recorded your action successfully.

I tried to explain each step in the easiest way possible to help you record actions hassle-free.

Let me know in the comments below if you found this article helpful. I am really interested to know how your first action recording session went.

In my next post, I am gonna write about how to run these actions in Photoshop that we record. So, Stay tuned! See you soon!



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