How to fix company culture after firing employees

How To Fix Company Culture After Firing Employees

For any organization, it is not easy to keep the morale up of their employees after asking some of them to leave. It is really difficult to win the confidence of existing employees even if the organization is doing great.

Being a part of management, you cannot just sit around and wait for the situation to get sorted on its own with time. Corporate culture isn’t something that builds on its own. In fact, management needs to take some actionable steps to build it positively among employees successfully.

Employees do not have superpowers to understand everything you are planning by telepathy. So, it is best for you to take charge of the situation by facing it to make things right among employees quickly. You need to make some efforts in order to create an environment where employees find their job meaningful and resourceful.

To attain that environment, you need to find the key areas that need to be worked on. Once you figure out the right areas to work on, you’ll start noticing the difference.


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How to figure out if the company culture is toxic?

Perfect company culture is something that every business holder dreams of. But it is not easy to make that dream come true. It takes the right approach and consistent efforts to create and retain a positive environment. So, before we discuss different ways to fix a broken company culture let’s cover the basics first.

The first thing you should figure out is whether your company’s culture is toxic?

To evaluate that check out the factors that I listed below. If your answer is “YES” for most of these then you need to act immediately to fix your company’s environment before it’s too late.

Constant disputes between employees and employer

Frequent deadline misses

Incorrect work

Lack of accuracy in feedback

Emotional / Physical Insecurities among employees at work

Lack of communication

Irresponsible behaviour of employees towards work

Lack of enthusiasm among employees at work

Absence of employee recognition programs


Also, I have curated a couple of Employee retention statistics for you. Take a look at the image below:


How to fix company culture after firing employees 1


How to fix the toxic company culture


Now without further ado let’s take a look at a few actionable steps that you can take as a manager or an entrepreneur to fix the broken culture:

Encourage transparency

Employee behaviour and performance are always a reflection of company culture.

Transparency is the key element to develop a positive culture. So, try to be transparent with them about everything.

Every company always has a mix of employees: the one that performs well, the one that performs beyond expectations, and the ones that underperform.

Employees who underperform are always the first ones to leave when a company decides to fire. But that does not mean that as a company you need to hide that fact from remaining employees.

Employees that perform well always work towards the benefit of the company. So, letting them know honestly about the reason behind firing will not only help to maintain positive company culture but also help existing employees to feel connected to the company.

Even in tough situations, addressing employees with detailed organizational plans and expectations is something you really need to focus on to fix broken company culture.

Here’s my Quick guide that I created a while ago to help businesses motivate their employees by rewarding them without actually spending much.

Check it out here 12 Creative Ways to Reward Your Employees Without Spending a Fortune


Motivating employees to work at their full potential Is the main premise of successful management.

– Eraldo Banovac

Encourage Team Building

Ever since social distancing was introduced in corporate offices many people lost their jobs for several reasons. This has developed job insecurities among those who are still working for the company.

Such insecurities can majorly affect their performance as a team. With an increase in problematic company culture, an organization may face issues like employees avoiding sharing workload, unsatisfied employees, lack of communication among employees, lack of motivation, etc.

If as a manager you are facing similar issues with your employees, you immediately not need to act. Start introducing team-building activities to your employees to encourage better communication and maintain the core values of the company.

However, keep in mind that only employees alone can not maintain a positive company culture. The entire hierarchy plays its own role to maintain it. So, while finalizing team building activities make sure to include managers as well, to let employees connect and communicate better with their reporting authority.

Initially, your employees may take time to feel secured and motivated again but with consistent efforts and a little patience, company culture can be retained.

you can also reward top performers of team-building activities to reinforce positive behaviour and enthusiasm.

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Employee Appreciation / Recognition

Acting towards restoring the broken company culture or strengthening it is always good for business as well as employee performance. Undoubtedly, restoring it is one of the most complicated tasks to do. But no matter how hard it is, when it needs to be done, it needs to be done.

Employee recognition is one of the best strategies to increase motivation and enthusiasm among employees. To be able to implement this strategy effectively managers need to get along with the team to guide them as well as to observe them closely.

You can also conduct one-on-one sessions in order to know more about employees.

Such programs should be carried out every once in a while, to let employees know how they are performing and where they need to improve. Because when employees never receive any sort of feedback, reward or recognition gradually they start ignoring the company.

You can also reward best-performing employees to create a positive and competitive environment. Rewarding will not only boost the morale of rewarded employees but will also create competitive vibes among others.

This competitive environment helps them focus more on work and be productive for the benefit of the organization.

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