MS Excel: 10 Frequently Used Keyboard Shortcuts

People who use Microsoft Excel on a daily basis swears that using keyboard shortcut keys save time and increase working efficiency.

I am using Ms excel since 10+ years myself and let me tell you using the mouse while working on an excel spreadsheet reduces productivity. However, with the use of shortcuts, it’s easier to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

There are hundreds of shortcuts available to use for Microsoft office excel but certainly, no one can remember that much of combinations. So, the best practice to follow is by sorting the shortcuts that you think can be useful for you with the kind of work that you do. Once you start developing the habit of introducing new shortcuts to yourself you can be a pro in using MS Excel in no time.


  1. A plus (+) sign in the shortcut represents that you need to press multiple keys at the same time
  2.  A comma (,) in the shortcut represents that you need to press multiple keys in order one after another

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To get you started, here’s the list of 10 absolutely useful keyboard shortcuts that are frequently used even by those who use basic excel:

Ctrl + O – To Open a spreadsheet

Ctrl + W – To close a spreadsheet

Ctrl + S – To save the spreadsheet

Ctrl + Z – To undo last action

Alt + H,D,C – To delete column

Alt + M – To go to formula tab

Alt + H – To go to the home tab

Ctrl + C – To copy data

Ctrl + V – To paste data

Ctrl + X – To cut data


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