MS Excel: How to Create Data Bars

MS Excel: How To Create Data Bars

There are many things you can do under conditional formatting in excel and creating data bars is one of them.

Data bars in ms excel are a perfect tool to visualize numbers to be able to differentiate quickly. When you apply data bars formatting to a set of data in your excel spreadsheet it creates a bar in each numeric cell to represent the number. The higher the number. the longer the data bar appears in the cell.

Using data bars businesses can quickly track their best selling products and least selling products or the month with most sales and least sales.

How to Create Data Bars

Execute the below steps to be able to create data bars in your Microsoft Excel file:

Step 1

Select a set of multiple cells or an entire spreadsheet that you want to represent using data bars

Step 2

Click on Conditional Formatting > Data Bars

Step 3

Now select a Colour to visualize your data

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