Picture Collage Maker Pro: A Complete Guide


We all love being active on social media by updating statuses, uploading the latest photos, commenting on others posts and much more. But when it comes to uploading the multiple numbers of photos, one always think of creating a collage or some beautiful graphics using those photos to gain more likes.

So, speaking of collages I was recently contacted by Partnership Manager of Design Evo and she asked me to check out their products and if I would like to review any on my blog. And there I found one of their product which drew my attention and that was Picture Collage Maker Pro. I really loved it, specially because of its simplicity. It only took me a couple of minutes to understand all the features of this product, which I would say is the best part of it.

(Disclaimer: This is a promotional blog. However, I am not getting paid to write this review. So, this is my honest review of this software. )

Picture Collage Maker Pro:

As the name suggests, it’s a software that allows its users to create beautiful collages, Personalized Calendars, Cards, Disc Covers and much more. With it’s easy to use user-friendly interface, I really recommend this product for the idea of collage making. This software comes with a number of beautiful templates which are so easy to edit.

Product Price – $39.90

Pros –

1. User-friendly interface

2. People with non-technical skills can also use this software with ease

3. Comes with a variety of templates for calendars, cards, disc covers, collages, scrapbook covers etc


The only con, I noticed in this software is that the templates, backgrounds and other embellishments they are providing are not very quirky or attractive as other competitor apps are providing.

Step by Step Guide to Create Personalized Graphics with Picture Collage Maker Pro

Step 1 – Open Application

Step 2 – Upon opening the app, it will ask you to choose an option out of 4 to continue with editing.


Create Blank Collage – Will open a blank page for you to customize it. Firstly, you need to set dimensions and orientation of the page. Then, you can customize it as per your requirement by adding frames, texts and photos to it.


Template Collage Wizard – Will display a screen where you can add multiple photos of your choice to create a collage.


Create From Template – Will take you to the list of pre-existing templates which you can edit quickly by just adding pictures and editing text.


Grid Collage Wizard – Will prompt you to screen where you can add multiple photos and can select a grid of your choice.



Step 3 – Once you are done selecting an option from step 2, play around and do a little editing. Use a few templates, add a little text of your choice and add your pics to it. In a couple of minutes, you will have a beautiful personalized photo ready.


Step 4 – Once your image is ready. Click on Share icon as shown in the screenshot below and select “Save collage as Picture”. This will prompt you to next window where you can browse a folder that you want to export your image to.



Step 5 – Share it on social media or anywhere you want to and enjoy the attention! 🙂


Here are few images that I created using this software and featured my kiddo in these:

Please do try this product and share your views about it in the comments below!

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