Pinterest Profile Changes To Make Your Profile Irresistible


As you already know that Pinterest plays a vital role when it comes to driving traffic to your website. And the beauty of Pinterest is, once you pin your article on it, it keeps floating in boards of different people. Like they say, the life of a Tweet is only 18 mins but on Pinterest pins keeps living on and on. So it is really really important to focus on nourishing your Pinterest profile to make it attractive and worth following.

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Without much ado, I am gonna share a few changes that you should make to your profile today to make it a success.

Like they say, the life of a Tweet is only 18 mins but on Pinterest pins keeps living on and onClick To Tweet

Update your profile

Having a complete and updated profile is essential, especially if you are looking forward to gaining some traffic or business out of it.  I know it may sound boring sometimes but a nicely filled profile always attract people as it represents that you take your profile seriously and do not want to miss any opportunity to drive traffic to your business or website.

Let me tell you, completing Pinterest profile isn’t a very time-consuming process as it only asks about few details like Name, Location, Website(optional), an About You box where you can write anything about you that you want to highlight etc.

So, what are you thinking? Just go ahead and complete your profile asap.

Add Keywords to your Title & Description

Adding great keywords to Description always proves to be the best way to attract followers. Do some research and find some keywords that are popular and related to what you do. And then write an awesome description of yourself that consists of those popular Keywords perfectly utilized to describe you.


Get Personalized URL

On Pinterest, you get an option to generate your personalized URL which is great as you can use your business name or website name or maybe your own name. Personalized URLs always stand out.

To get personalized URL, all you need to do is go to Settings and then enter the desired title in username box as shown in the screenshot below.


Update your Picture

If you are branding your business or yourself, upload a high-quality image that is consistent with your all social media accounts. Using the same profile image helps your viewers to recognize you easily on different platforms.


Upgrade your Account to Business Account

Upgrading to business account sends out a message to your viewers that your account is authentic and reliable. Not only it will help you gain the trust of your viewers but you will also get access to Pinterest Analytics as well. Bingo!

Pinterest Analytics helps you track how people are reacting to your pins, what sort of pins are gaining more attention and a lot more to help you study and strategize your content in a more effective way.


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