Revealed: Most Popular Types of Blogs

Revealed Most Popular Types of Blogs

The initial Questions that comes to the mind of every individual who is thinking of starting a blog is:

What should I write about?

Which blogging niche should I pick up?

What are the most popular types of blogs?

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I mean anybody can get confused when there are so many options available. There are so many bloggers who are writing about so many different things to grab the attention of people with different interests. Our planet is full of people with a wide range of interests. so all that matters while picking up your niche is, whether you are actually blogging about what you love.

Instead, of getting confused with so many options, try to find out what you enjoy first. Once you figure that out, make it your niche and start blogging about it. Just be sure to write and share valuable content.

Along with writing great content, make sure you are using a visually good looking theme on your website, optimizing your content for SEO and doing everything to increase your website performance.

So, let’s see what are the most popular blog types in the current scenario so you can find out if there is any popular blog type that you are interested in-


DIY Blog

DIY blog

DIY blogs are the most popular type of blogs with the massively huge audience where bloggers post about creative stuff related to arts & crafts, building, wood crafts, furniture makeovers etc which people tend to try and share their progress. This type of blogs usually receive so many comments, so yes a lot of communication is involved when it comes to the DIY blog.


Food Blog

Food Blog

If you love trying out and creating new recipes, Food blogging is for you. Generally, bloggers try to develop new recipes and post step by step instructions for recipes for their audience. There is always 1 person in a house who does all the cooking and love to try a new recipe for their family, which makes it a type of blog with a huge audience.


Parenting Blog

Parenting Blog

Parenting blog normally has a large and dedicated audience where they try to find out ways to get the best out of themselves being a parent. On parenting blogs, content type varies between kids & baby hacks, home remedies for kids, activity ideas, kids favourite recipes, Learning activities for kids as well as how to train your kid for a specific skill.


Health Blog

Health Blog

Health blogs share a vast amount of audience where people stop by at different blogs and love reading about health precautions, remedies, cures and symptoms. But this is a niche not everybody can write about because it’s all about health and one should be very sure of what they are sharing with their audience. One bad random post can ruin a blogger quite easy. So, if you are a doctor or someone who knows about health issues very well, people will love reading your blogs.


Fitness Blog

Fitness Blog

Everybody on this planet seems to be very much concerned about their fitness which makes fitness blog a popular type of blog. People love to try exercise schedules, fitness challenges and weight loss guides that are shared by fitness professionals. 30 days & 90 days weight loss challenges are quite popular among people who are dedicated to losing weight.


Tech Blog

Tech Blog

Technology is something everyone wanna learn about whether you are a blogger, an entrepreneur, an IT professional or a stay at home parent. Everybody keeps going back online to find out about one or the other feature of any application, software or even about social media platforms. People learn about all the technical stuff online.

How-to guides are extremely popular among people when it comes to Tech blogs. A how-to tutorial can be created in multiple formats. (written step by step posts, video tutorials or slides). It all works and gain an audience quite quickly.


Blogging Blog


There are many bloggers who are just writing all about blogging and doing good in that. On such blogs, bloggers usually share ins & outs of blogging, how to start blogging, what to avoid while blogging, their experiences, how they earn with blogging and anything and everything they can post to help new bloggers excel the skill of blogging.

Fashion Blog

Fashion Blog

Everyone on this planet tries their best to stay updated with fashion trends. This is exactly what makes fashion blogs an extremely popular type of blog on the internet. Fashion bloggers do get to hear a lot from many brands to blog about their products. Also, they get invitations for fashion events. So, fashion blogging is a good option especially for those who are creative and those who love experimenting with fashion.


Travel Blog

Travel Blog

Travel blogs are more about reaching out to different destinations and share the experience. This niche is getting more and more popular with time as people are keen to travel a lot. People love to read bloggers experience online on travel blogs before flying to any destination for holidays. By doing so, they get sufficient knowledge about the place they are travelling to. So if you travel a lot, gear up and start writing about it. People would love to hear your experience in detail.


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