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Considering today’s lifestyle, everyone is busy in their own world. Sometimes, people who can afford thinks about doing something good for those in need. They want to do something more meaningful to celebrate their big day. But again, thought stays in their mind but they never get time to actually do it.

But what if you can actually give back on an important day of yours like on your birthday or anniversary or even during holidays and feel proud about it. That feeling of doing a good deed will be the most meaningful gift ever you can give to yourself. The smile you can bring to those faces. I believe nothing can be more meaningful than this.


Feeling Motivated?

Try Gifted!


You must be wondering, What is Gifted? And how can it be of any help to let you do the charity?

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Let me show you how!

What Is Gifted?

Gifted is a website that lets you send the online invitations for your event to your loved ones, enables you to enjoy group-gifting, and most importantly it allows you to donate any amount of your choice to any charity of your choice.

Benefits Of Using Gifted

  • You can teach the importance of charity to your kids by doing so on their birthday or any other family event
  • GIFTED is helping to reduce our carbon footprint by eliminating waste created by packaging, wrapping paper, and greeting cards.

How it works?


Step 1 – Invitation

  • Create an invitation using 100s of curated designs on Gifted for any occasion. You can also use gifted to send invites for fundraisers.
  • Send it out to your guests
  • Your guests can RSVP by contributing some amount to your fund’s page


Step 2 – Charity

  • As soon as your guests will RSVP, they will be informed through your customized fund’s page that a portion of their gift is going for charity and how you are willing to spend the rest.
  • Guests feel happy by gifting online and be part of your good deed at the same time. It’s hassle-free for guests as they don’t need to spend time on shopping! So, it’s a win-win!


Step 3 – Gift

  • Once your event is over, you can request your funds through PayPal, E-transfer (Canada only) or Cheque.
  • Buy yourself the gift you dreamt of, with the funds.
  • Send a personalized Thank You note to your guests from your Gifted dashboard.

Additional Highlights

  • Free to use – No additional charges
  • Easy to Manage Cash Gifts through PayPal, E-Transfer or Cheque.
  • Saves you from unwanted gifts
  • 100% Safe payment process
  • Transparency – No surprises


Planning to use Gifted for your next event?


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(Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links, which means I am earning a little commission if you use those links. I only recommend brands I use and trust.)

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Take a look at some of the invitation samples curated for you using Gifted:



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