Stop Making These Mistakes On WhatsApp Immediately

Messengers are fun and great tools to help you keep connected with your loved ones. Everyone uses one or the other messenger but Whatsapp tops the chart in terms of popularity.

Fact: Whatsapp has approx 1.6 billion users worldwide.Click To Tweet

On one hand, such apps are really convenient but on the other hand, these can become a nightmare too if not used properly. Cybercrime is increasing every day. Just because we are tempted to upload everything online in this era of social media, it has become extremely easy for these criminals to track down movements of their targets.


Tip: Please review your social media & messenger’s privacy settings once in a while to protect your identity from hackers or criminals.


Like other social media platforms, WhatsApp messenger also provides a couple of privacy setting options to its users. On WhatsApp, you can actually decide what to share with whom.


Here are a couple of mistakes you should stop making on Whatsapp immediately:


Do not ever share your location with anyone unless you trust them.

Profile picture

  • Do not expose too much info about your family through your profile pictures
  • Go to privacy settings and share your profile picture only with your contacts


Filter out your contacts carefully using Privacy settings and restrict contacts who you don’t want to share your status with

For example: Restrict access of your driver, domestic help, milkman or anyone that’s not relevant. You don’t want to share your personal life with everyone out there. Right?


Enable Two-Step Verification to avoid SIM swap fraud

Sensitive content

Do not forward any sensitive content (Porn, provoking content, etc) from your WhatsApp account, else you may end up in jail

Financial Security

Always ignore any message that you receive on Whatsapp asking for your ATM credentials, Banking credentials, or any kind of payment. Trust me these are a fraud.


Please follow all the privacy tips shared above in order to prevent yourself from any kind of fraud. Stay safe!

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