The Best Ways to Share Smartphone Photos with Friends

The Best Ways To Share Smartphone Photos With Friends

In this era of smartphones, we all take photos with our phones every now and then. A smartphone is something and the only gadget that everyone carries around everywhere, which makes it easy for us to capture every moment instantly.


It’s not a problem when we take photos for our personal use. However, it definitely raises a question of how to share those photos with others when you get to click so many photos during your family party or get together and everyone asks you to share those photos with them. More than that sharing photos with multiple people becomes, even more, worse when some of them are using Android and others are using the iPhone.

I am sure no one wants to receive photos in bulk on WhatsApp or any other chat messenger because it is going to burn their mobile data plan.

So, here I have the answer to this question. It will make photo sharing process from the smartphone easy for you.  You can share photos with your friends and family without worrying about whether they are using Android or iPhone.

Google Photos

Google photos make sharing really easy. All you need to do is signup for a Google photos account, log into the account on your phone and you are done. It will back up all the photos that you click on your phone to Google cloud on its own. So whenever you need to share a bunch of photos with a group of people, create a folder on Google photos, add desired photos to that folder and share that folder with whoever you want to share them with. But people you are sharing that folder with should also have an account on Google Photos.

Once you get acclimatize with the process, you will then find it a cup of tea to share photos with people even if they are using different operating systems.


Dropbox is a really cool website when it comes to storing data online. It provides its users with a box with storage space. Storage space actually varies with the plan. If you choose to stay on the free plan, it provides 2 GB of online space to you which can be upgraded up to 1 TB for paid plans.

To use Dropbox, first, you need to sign up for a new account. Upon sign up, you will receive a verification email to confirm the validity of the email. After verification is done, you can create a folder, save photos to it, generate a shareable link for that folder and share it with your loved ones. And the best part of this shareable URL is, people do not necessarily need to have a Dropbox account to access that link. They can simply open the link and download the folder. Isn’t it cool?

Not only I personally use Dropbox for sharing photos but I also use it for business purposes. This app makes the entire process of sharing files so easy.


Shareit is a cross-platform file sharing application that works on Android, iOS as well as windows. It allows its users to quickly share photos or files from 1 mobile device to another. All you need to have is an internet connection to run this app.

As of my personal experience with Shareit, it transfers data in the size of GigaBytes within minutes. So, while your files are getting transferred you can definitely enjoy a little chit-chat with another person you are sharing photos with!

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No doubt these are great apps but why not using native sharing options of iOS or android. how these apps are different from them