Top 6 Artificial Intelligence Applications In Real World

Top 6 Artificial Intelligence Applications In Real World

Artificial intelligence is the result of many years of research, experiments, and continuous efforts of data scientists. It did not evolve out of the blue. However, It took many years for data scientists to come to this far. Still they manage to surprise us with more advanced technology consistently.

Some of you might think that artificial intelligence is something that is upcoming. But the truth is we are already using it every day in our lives.

Are you feeling surprised by knowing that?

Well, do not be surprised anymore!

In this artificial intelligence article, I am going to cover the top 6 data science applications that we are already using.

Interesting! isn’t it?


Not only this, artificial intelligence is not just limited to the technology sector. It has proved to be the most valuable technology ever in almost all possible sectors. Be it marketing sector, banking industry, space explorations or even health care sector data science applications are being used everywhere every day.

In fact, I am using an ai application right now while writing this blog. I am not typing it with my hands at all I am just dictating it, and everything is being typed on its own.

Such a time saver!

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AI has always been about replacing human decisions with more advanced calculative computerized decisions for precise solutions.

Now let’s take a look at how we are using ai applications in our day-to-day life:

Smart Virtual Assistant


Thinking of virtual assistants, and I am lost in the world of sci-fi movies already. Well, digital assistants are not just limited to movies now. They are part of reality and got popular among people quite rapidly within the past couple of years.

Many of us commonly use Smart assistant applications on our smartphones and laptops quite frequently. But these virtual assistants are not just restricted to phones and laptops anymore. Business professionals, doctors and scientists are using them for much more.

This amazing technology proved to be helpful in automating a couple of tasks with just easy voice commands. You can use it to perform various actions, so you do not need to manually spend your precious time on performing them yourself.

Few examples of such virtual assistants are Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google Voice, Bixby by Samsung etc.

Moreover, Here I am bringing you some examples of tasks that these virtual assistants can perform for you:

Calendar updates and Reminders

Send messages

Call someone

Alarm setting

Search online

Check weather forecast

Play music


Read News

With the kind of advancement, we are noticing in VA technology, soon you may also experience the life where your gadgets will guide you with the best recommendations for you.



Gaming is something that almost every human being loves to indulge in especially when you have some spare time to kill.

AI and machine learning have hugely impacted almost all the industries and gaming is also one of them. To be honest, gaming is the major industry which is massively impacted by the advancement of AI.

The overall dynamics of today’s gaming experience is way more amazing and different if compared to what you used to play 20 years ago. It’s not all about Mario or contra anymore.

Some big names from the gaming industry like Sony, EA Sports, Nintendo, Zynga etc. are the perfect examples for using artificial intelligence technology to change the gaming experience entirely for gamers. The way they are using machine learning algorithms is impeccable, to let the game automatically upgrade to higher levels as the player progresses.

Moreover, you can now play games in augmented reality where you can feel like you are the character in your game. This technology lets you move your body into action in your own environment.

Pokemon Go is the biggest example of augmented reality gaming.

Apart from video games, Artificial intelligence applications are also being used in real sports. It proved to be helpful in coaching players by using sensors that detect right angles.

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E-Commerce Personalized Shopping


The rise of online shopping has entirely changed the shopping behaviour of customers and selling strategy of sellers.

Who says Artificial intelligence is just limited to Space research?

Well, E-Commerce is another sector that is effectively using emerging technology to make more sales intelligently.

Smart artificial intelligence techniques have been implemented by businesses on e-commerce websites using data science algorithms. These applications send automatic product recommendations to customers based on their shopping behaviour.

This little tweak became beneficial for both parties. Sellers because with recommendations, customers usually end up buying more products than they are looking for. Customers because they get more options to choose from and get help in choosing the most appropriate product that fulfils all their requirements.

For example: Did you notice Similar products or Recommendations section on Amazon?

Their application analyses the product you are looking at and automatically filters out similar products for you to choose from.

Like if you are looking for a specific smartphone then the website will show you some accessories related to that phone. So you will not only buy the phone but also ends up buying accessories like phone cover.

Few e-commerce websites also apply data science to show a price comparison on their website. This feature helps to win the trust of their customers by displaying that they are selling that product at the lowest price in the market.

Social Media Websites

I don’t need to introduce this one as almost everyone is on social media these days.

I know you are a fan of social media too. Right?

Social media became an essential part of our lives so quickly. And Why wouldn’t it be?

Considering the things, you can do on social media you have all the reason to be addicted to it.

Now you must be thinking of what role does artificial intelligence play on social media.

Well, the truth is that social media platforms are majorly using data science applications to provide you with so many options to perform.

Here are some examples of how social media websites are using data science applications to make the entire experience for their users as easy as they can.

Search feature – Social media platforms have used data science to completely refurbish the search feature. Search feature now is more advanced than ever. Image search option is proof of that.

Image recognition– On Facebook when you upload an image of yourself along with your friends it automatically starts recommending you the friends to tag. However, they are still working to make the Image recognition system more accurate.

Self-Driving Vehicles

The possibilities of what artificial intelligence can do are infinite. And self-driving cars is another example of it.

AI has made its way to the automobile industry as well and has shown a significant impact on it. It has been a long time since everyone is waiting for autopilot cars and Tesla’s self-driving cars and Waymo cars are the answer to it.

The features that these brands are offering are promising and reliable.

The high tech sensors of these cars automatically sense the objects that come within the car’s territory to analyze the surrounding and drive accordingly. This highly analytical algorithm of cars makes them a safe choice.

However, scientists are consistently working on making the self-driving system more reliable and advanced.

Driving a vehicle in traffic situation without using human intelligence is not easy but artificial intelligence made it possible too. Sometimes it is hard for a human to make the right decision when they are stuck in massive traffic which occasionally leads to accidents. However self-driven cars are designed to drive effectively even in massive traffic situations to avoid accidents.

Apart from self-driving on road, some of the tasks that a self-driving car can do for you are – navigate itself using a GPS system to the destination, take voice commands, auto parking by detecting the empty parking slot on its own.

Space explorations


Artificial intelligence applications have proved to be the major supporting hand in space explorations for scientists.

NASA is consistently using advanced artificial intelligence to make their space exploration expeditions more resourceful and effective. The latest example of where NASA has used artificial intelligence is their latest mission to Mars “Mars 2020” Which took place on July 30, 2020.

They sent Rover which was named as “Perseverance” to Mars to help to find any signs of ancient life and to collect samples of rocks to bring them back to earth. Not only Mars but NASA is also using artificial intelligence to study other planets.

Apart from NASA other research-based organizations from different countries are also focusing on artificial intelligence to up their game in space explorations. JAXA and CIMON (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion) are other examples of it. JAXA was developed by the Japanese Space agency to take pictures of experiments whereas CIMON was developed by European Aerospace Company to help the astronauts with their daily tasks in space.

End Notes

By now you must have figured out that AI has already taken hold in many ways in almost all the sectors. However, it’s not just limited to these six sectors that I listed above but artificial intelligence applications are being used in almost all business sectors.

Some more examples of where AI  applications are being used on a daily basis are GPS Navigation systems, Marketing and advertising,  ai in banking for customer support and fraud detection, Video surveillance, to identify the right breed of the dog, Air transport route planning, online Search engines, Email spam filtering and much more.

Hope you enjoyed the article!

If you want to share your opinion related to any point that I discussed above, or if you have more suggestions for where AI applications are being used, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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