Top Whatsapp Security Features You Must Use

Whatsapp became a favourite messaging app quite quickly but after lockdown, it was used by users even more than before.

There are lots of instant messaging apps available on the Internet but with over 2 billion downloads WhatsApp app managed to stand out. This app is broadly used worldwide because of its huge stack of features and end to end encryption for security.

But considering the fact that hackers are always on duty do you really think that your WhatsApp messenger is safe from trespassers?


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So here I have curated a list of security features, that you should start using immediately:

Top Whatsapp Security Features

Two-step authentication

Like any other app, WhatsApp also comes with two-step verification to let you protect your account from hackers. It’s a 6-digit code that you can need to set as per your preference and WhatsApp will ask you to input that code randomly to let you access the WhatsApp. So even if someone got access to your phone, they cannot access your chats on WhatsApp without an authentication code.
To enable two step verification Go to Settings > Account > Two-step verification > Enable

Disable last seen

The last seen feature on WhatsApp now supposes to see when were you last active on the app. It’s safe as long as you’re near and dear ones I’m tracking it but it is also a way for hackers to figure out whether the account is active or not.
So disabling the last scene just adds a coat of security to your WhatsApp.
To disable last seen Go to settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen > Select My contacts or Nobody

Hide Blue Ticks

This messaging app by Facebook always brags about its end-to-end encryption but it’s not limited to it. It comes with tons of other privacy features as well. One of its other important privacy features is hiding blue ticks.

If you are a Whatsapp user, you must have noticed those blue ticks that appear when someone reads your messages. This option looks quite convenient as it allows you to know whether your messages are being read or not. And I can totally understand if you are thinking about what is wrong with those blue ticks if they are letting others know that you have seen their messages.

But let me tell you hiding blue ticks often helps when you are avoiding someone.
To disable blue ticks Go to settings > Account > Privacy > Toggle on Read Receipts

Make your DP private

WhatsApp is a great way to connect with your family and friends but it becomes a nightmare when a stalker stalks your account because of your pretty DP.

To prevent your WhatsApp profile from stalkers WhatsApp came up with a solution to it long ago by allowing you to make your profile picture private.
To make your DP private Go to settings > Account > Privacy > Profile Photo > Select My contacts or Nobody

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