How to Combat Virtual Online Meeting Fatigue

Attending virtual online meetings grew as an indispensable part of the lives of the working class in 2020.

Covid-19 forced workplaces to alter their modus operandi. They were forced to manage all their workforce and communications remotely, and work from home was imposed on the employees.

Time spent on team meetings has shot up by 29% since the pandemic has struck.

Though online conference meetings surfaced as a like-for-like substitution for the conventional ‘conference room meetings,’ it brought “virtual video conference fatigue” along.

Don’t you feel exhausted and completely drained, post attending an online meeting? “

Believe me! You are not the only one who said ‘YES’.

This is because you burn a lot of mental calories processing all the inputs of the meeting while communicating simultaneously.

It’s scientifically backed that a virtual zoom meeting is far more exhausting than an in-person meeting. Your energy and concentration are lost rapidly, and you are tempted to kill the “Leave the meeting” button and run away.

The anxiety, insomnia, exhaustion, stress, and mental draining following a virtual conference call generally get the better of us. Particularly when you have to follow the same routine all week long and sometimes even a special virtual board meeting on weekends.

Major Reasons behind the stress caused by virtual meetings:

  • Your mobility goes down significantly during a virtual google meet.
  • The cognitive load tends to pile up while on a virtual conference call.
  • Too much stress on eyes while trying to make close-up eye contact.


Now that we have a rough idea of fatigue caused by virtual meetings let’s look into ways to tackle it.

virtual online meeting Infographics image

Here’s homework for you:

Follow the tips I’ve mentioned above for two weeks and let me know how well you are coping. I would love to hear from you! 

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