WhatsApp Features: Secret WhatsApp Tricks You Never Knew


Text messaging is out of trend. What people love these days is instant messaging applications like WhatsApp. WhatsApp changed the way of texting and became popular among people globally in no time.

I mean why not?

It allows you to connect with people globally without spending a fortune on messaging. Not only messaging, it added features like video calling and voice calling over the time so you can even see your loved ones and talk face to face without worrying about how far you are living from them. All you need is a good internet connection on your device. Isn’t it awesome?

But are you taking full advantage of its hidden features?


Let’s take a look at few of its secret features –

How to Type Text in Bold

Bold text always stands out, no matter if you are writing the entire message in bold letters or just a few words. It always grabs attention.

To write in bold letters all you need to do is prefix & postfix asterisk symbol to your text like *text goes here*

How to Type Text in Italics

You can always change your text font to Italics whenever you want to emphasize on only some part of the text or even the entire text by just adding underscore symbol at the front and at the end of text like _text goes here_.


How to Strikethrough Text

Putting a Strikethrough to some part of text means that those words can be ignored.

What is Strikethrough? It is a feature that creates a straight line over the text.

To apply strikethrough, simply prefix & postfix those curly hyphens to your text as ~text goes here~.


If you know any secret trick for Whatsapp, do share it in the comments below.


Thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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